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Monthly Archives: August 2006

121.jpgyummmmmmmmm…….yyyy !!
Well i m writing the post over the most pronounced elment present in beteween us ..Again a Cynosure too .Might be with the most of the students , i think specially the students of indore.( r u indori’s getting to me ), yupp’s so , There are various intances present in my Mind while Writing this blog .. hmm .When i desided to write a post over the “Baked Samosa ” na .. i was just bannged with all the Memories associated with this Crap ,ya it sometime lead me into amnesia too.Right From the Day when i came to indore I was just living with this Crap that is present every where .The network or one can say the availability of the BS an alias for” Baked Samosa” was a conflagration in whole of the Indore .

Whenever we do remain the Hungry or were abstinented, we were any how coerced to this Crap.

To start with the first Meeting point for me was the “SANCHI POINT ” ,ohhh i hope all the DAVV students r very well aware of this Shopee .The quality of the BS was not so good even it sometimes its seems to be of Expired – Date too , even then we eat it

..with a Great Sense of Joy … (we have as no other solution )………… Almost every day after the collage soon as we move back to our world ..we do not forget to have “Get- Together “. Because at this Point we all used to have “Chay n Sutta ” ,but Aboriginal person i.e me and Mack(Makwana hope u r listening it ) .we never forget to repeat this inevitable..As we do come from the Room or the Home .. without having a single cup of tea(So bad )After Having such Heavy n Boring Lecture WE have to be here.So this Bulky outdated BS directly satisfy us. So this was the first samosa of the day .. now

The Second showroom (or a shoppe) among us was in the downstairs ofthe Famous Building A “Cache” ,,yaa u r getting to it ..(Near the CC – Cyber Cafe at Bhawar Kua BKC) ,, oops the sev he uses is really awesome .. [A- ]category still only the reason to eat were on the basis of the two factors

1. The shining is good

2. No other Shoppe available nearby ..

haan sometimes it can be supported by some Slice or Coke.

This shop used to be of great support for us in many of us during the initial days at BKC ,it helped at lot during we make the Night-outs .. (uday16 pointing to you) ,he can’tCull it . To be candid i can say that i too liked that ..

At initial days we liked this Samosa but later we started gaining the Wheight oohhh the biggest Crap to have in life… after making a lot of dips n pushup it destroys all our Dreams to be like the BOND (Sallu) .. although we do nothave that much supporting features still “SaLmAn BhAi” was Dream for us ,

THE Better One :- ya we found the Better

Samosa then these all AT the one and one place in INDORE itself ,, Guess …………………….. May be you are right ,,,,,,

At the ” Regal-Talkies” ohhhhh The best one in life…its one

of the best in the worst … Flooded whenever I ask Udi he always Nodded to have it one ,,,

u can have the Better Pic of that ,,,,


There were Various Experiment we made over the above.

Most of the times we were Just influenced with the Behemoth Size of BS,, later we Regret .. wht the Hellwas tht ……….

So Before ending the Session i m recollecting the Various Goodies n Harms we usually face,, so i m summerising those :-

Some Noxious :-

1. Augmented Acidity.

2. Dyspepsia (on the other Day).

3. Mollesting over Pocket Money.

4.Accrued Fat Content (If physique Conscious).

Some Amenities (Advantages )

1.Saves Time.

2.Cost Effective.

3.Appease your Appetite.(One BS = 6 HRs Consolation)

4. Tasty and Appealing

5. Saves Money Sometimes

6.Destined Part of Life.

Well no matter who are you , one day , one time this Crap will confront in your life n

may become a part of the Daily Routine Diet in Vain..

For the Above I literally Thank for my Pal ” Uday Sharma (UDY or Uday 16) for

suggesting and recollecting the best Memories we shared together ………. for ever N

ever .. n at last ” I love u Indore ” …….


YEAH , So welcome to you all again ,As we know that In the current Scenerio the Orkut site is having the lot of hits in the World of the internet . The number of Orkut Users are augmenting in the heap amount .While using the orkut i found some sort of profoundness in sending the scrap to all the people indivisually if i just wanna a send a common reply to all knowns …. therefore to overcome these type of the Crap , i m going to present in front you. The best web-tool present in the Market which lets you to work at your acme with the orkut site ,,,, so here it starts the funway to the world of orkut ,share this link to all known and make them to n-joy with Harshit ,,

1.) Orkut Toolbar (Recommended for every orkut user):download.jpg


yes the Orkut Toolbar is the safe and the easiest way to send a scrap with making the Modification and without using that crap formatting tips.Now you have the “ONE CLICK ” shot to edit upon the ,every scrap .You will find it as simple as one finds in ” Yahoo Messanger” or MS word ..//

2.) Orkut Cute :(The Coolest one .. Haryiips Search) download.jpg

Again a better Software for u all .., Orkut Cute is a freeware program which let you send scraps (the public messages that anyone can leave on anyone else’s profile) to all your friends in Orkut and all your other online social networking communities. The program also informs you when you receive new scraps and new topics in yours communities.

Although such a program would allow you to communicate with the masses, a similar one was developed before which was abused by spammers.


  • Alerts you when you receive new scraps.
  • Scrap all of your friends (be careful with this one).
  • Receive notifications when forums are updated.

3.) Scrapboy (Online Orkut Messanger) : download.jpg

Scrapboy is a kind of browser for orkut. Using Scrapboy you can browse orkut and know when you or your friends receive new scraps. Sending scraps from your desktop is also as easy as writing an instant message. Keeping in touch with your friends was never more fun and easy. Just similar to the YAHOO MESSANGER

4.) Sorkut : (FireFox Addons) download.jpg

It is an FireFox extention made by an indian named Rohit Kumbhar.

This toolbar search for the threads with specific words in the title. Just give the commumity id of the community you want to search, enter the search term and click Search. Its basically an automation that an ultra patient person would go through for searching the threads he wants.
NOTE: You must be logged in to orkut to use this toolbar.

5.) Orkut Scrap Helper : (FireFox Extention) download.jpg

It is an FireFox extention made by an indian named Ajay Martin.


  • Scrap those who have scrapped you in a single step!
  • Persistant link to Your scrapbook.

NOTE: You must be logged in to orkut to use this tool.


1.jpgOrkut Büyükkökten

So today i am here wih the new topic to post .Now Today my topic is about the one of the most pronounced and the gaint networking element present over the world of internet . yes ” the ORKUT” ,let’s have a brief look over the networking Behemoth .


Orkut was quietly launched on JAnuary 22,2004 by Google, the search engine company .Orkut Büyükkökten is a Turkish software engineer who developed the social networking service called Orkut while working at Google. He developed orkut as an independent project while working at Google, the outgrowth of their “Twenty Percent, Time ” company policy whereby all employees at Google can spend 20% of their time working on personal interests.

While previously working for Affinity Engines, he had developed a similar system, InCircle, intended for use by university alumni groups. In late June 2004, .

Originally from the Turkish city of Konya, Büyükkökten obtained a B.S degree in Computer Engineering and Information Science from Bilkent University in Ankara, and earned a Ph.D in Computer Science from Stanford University.His research at Stanford focused on Web search and efficient PDA usage.

Here is the Brief biography of the bond Orkut:-

Orkut Buyukkokten
Home: 2250 Latham Street Apt.57
Mountain View CA 94040
Phone: (650) 988 0339
Office: Room 430 Gates Building
Stanford University
Phone: (650) 723 6805


  • 1997-
  • s221.jpg

Stanford University, CA
Ph.D., Computer Science

  • 1993-1997
  • Bilkent University, Ankara
    B.S., Computer Engineering and Information Science
    Full scholarship awarded by the University
    Academic Standing: High Honour
    Favorite Courses Included:
    Database, Computer Graphics, Networks, Economics, Organizational Behaviour
  • 1986-1993
  • p204.jpg
    Konya Meram Anadolu Lisesi, Konya High School Diploma


  • June 1996
  • p208.jpg
    Halici Information Processing Co., Ankara
    Software Development Department
    Involved in implementing software concerned with pattern recognition for finger print analysis and matching
  • July 1995
  • p202.jpg
    Microsoft, Istanbul
    Research and Development Department
    Implemented application software for Product Support Service

  • Computer
    Programming Languages:Turbo Pascal, C, C++, Lisp, Prolog, Visual Basic, Visual C++, SQL, Palm Programming
    Operating Systems:UNIX, DOS, Windows, PalmOS
    ApplicationsMS Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, Access, Excel, dBase, B2 Logic
  • Languages
    Advanced English, Intermediate German, Basic French

  • Ranked 1stin class at Bilkent University
  • Awarded the Rector’s Service Award, 1995
  • Ranked 25th in the University Entrance Examination
  • Ranked 1st in class at High School




During the reasrch project ofthe orkut at Google , he had devoloped the independent project so as to the search the shortest techniques to search over the required website.


His project was based over Graphical Representaion of the webpages so as to trace the target witihin the shortest interval of time.It was the most facinating project i had ever seen after the project given by a Russian personality in GOOGLE -CODEJAM 2002 .

Thing that influenced me the the most was the reasearch project by him at Google

A brief review of the project was as follows :

The web spider is an application program that scans web pages for a given root URL location. The spider generates a graphical representation of a particular domain of the web space indicating the path and links. It also extracts data from these web pages and gives the pages that seem more important, depending on the number of links to that page.The black lines indicate the path used while traversing the pages. The green lines indicate links to pages visited previously. Finally the red lines indicate links to pages at other external locations. The graphic can be viewed both in 2D and 3D. In order to obtain a three dimensional representation, the graphic is mapped on an ellipsoid.The locations are visited using breadth first search so that links closer to the root are visited first. The scanning ends when all pages have been visited or the stop command is selected.

This program was developed using Visual C++ 5.0 and runs in Windows operating system.
FIirst trace of te Webspider Second Trace To work

awesome na …… Google minds at great Hights..



According to statistics, orkut has also become popular in Brazil, where greater than 3% (June 2005) of the population are registered orkut users. This is the highest percentage of any single country’s population using the service.

As far we the indian are concerned ,we do not lack behind in that ,ya we are also the top achievers of the list.


The number of Brazilian Orkut users has reached more than 66% of the total users, followed by United States and India, with about 13% and 7% respectively(As of Augest 9,2006). Due to the number of Brazilian users and communities in the Portugese Language, users from other parts of the world became upset with the service, when it established Portuguese as the first “alternate default language,” (as English was the primary default language) prompting many community owners to enforce an English-only posting policy.

for more statistics:

So this was a brief compendium of the Orkut .Now i think you are in the better positon to understand the Orkut.



Hi to all again .so let me share some of the interesting fact about my life .i always search for the new changes n opportunity plus the challenges to work on with in the daily ongoing round the beleaguered our flat .So here is my latest crush regarding the video i made over the collage life of mine and the daily works which includes some pics of the way we all live during the days the trio(Flatmates).The three Room partners —-> me, Uday(yadu),DOCTOR…. (Air 1 in PMT ,,i hope u listening “DOGTOR “(kanjoos baniya 2)).this video was made by me during the last Fall 05 in the collage .presently i m workin over one more project to make documentary over the life when i joined the School named “KALIDAS”……. with lots of memories associated with them..Specially my best friend Piyush NIGAM(the “Professor” of my life)…..

google-srch.JPGThe most intersting fact is that after securing the rank 1 in the index search list of the google with the hits in the posting of round about 5 of the top 10 posting in the search index in Google , (

i got the one more chance to associate “me “with the Gaint — ! ”GOOGLE VIDEO” , yes my video(Life At INDORE) is now publically opened for all ,Through the google video one can download the video or even can see that live ,,but only obstacle is that it needs the assured non interrupted INTERNET service .