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So far the success track of the Google is concerned .we came to know about the various concepts and the products launched by the Search “behemoth” Google .

Here i am sharing with some of the latest products of the google itself .One of the finest concept did i found over Google is that Mobile data sharing .Google had launched the latest product as Gmail Drive this is similar to the srive we do hav over our personal computer named as usually as C: or D: etc as per what my pc is concern .


The google drive allow the user to create a new drive in his computer which is named is Gmail Drive this drive enables the user to have the space of the 2GB over google server . all you need to do in that is ,you have to install that in your pc and the you will find all similar to your local HDD.

In that specific drive one can store extravagant amount of the data ,unprecedentedly 2.67GB over ..Rocking Concept na,.. mobile data sharing . just put your data over G-Drive the alias given by me .whenever or wherever you go just run the set up of the G-Drive .after making the setup soon as you click over there AT G-Drive you will get the POP-Up window like this one.

THE POP of G-Drive

if you have the Google Gmail Account then log-in to the account and soon after the successfull login you will get the permission to access the Gmail Drive . The only part where the G-Drive lack is that .It will be quite time consuming so as to store the bulf amount of data over web .But aleast user is getting 2.67 Gb free over net ,also if u have more than one account then you can have n number of G-Drive in PC…

To get your Gmail Drive mail me Over


Download Directly from here :

Alas GOOGLE LOGIC…………..//

Google Concept



  1. Dood … i had writen abt this .. way before .. in my old blog .. anywayz .. nice presenrtaion … and abt the comment ..U seriously dint noe wt the problem was .. .u can mount cd’s but u cannot play a game by doing that .. thus u need sd4hide .. 😉 …

  2. For those interesting in some similar software, check out Vombato Mail
    Drive which now has GMail support. It also allows you to use any of your
    POP3 account the same way.

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