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Hi to all again .so let me share some of the interesting fact about my life .i always search for the new changes n opportunity plus the challenges to work on with in the daily ongoing round the beleaguered our flat .So here is my latest crush regarding the video i made over the collage life of mine and the daily works which includes some pics of the way we all live during the days the trio(Flatmates).The three Room partners —-> me, Uday(yadu),DOCTOR…. (Air 1 in PMT ,,i hope u listening “DOGTOR “(kanjoos baniya 2)).this video was made by me during the last Fall 05 in the collage .presently i m workin over one more project to make documentary over the life when i joined the School named “KALIDAS”……. with lots of memories associated with them..Specially my best friend Piyush NIGAM(the “Professor” of my life)…..

google-srch.JPGThe most intersting fact is that after securing the rank 1 in the index search list of the google with the hits in the posting of round about 5 of the top 10 posting in the search index in Google , (

i got the one more chance to associate “me “with the Gaint — ! ”GOOGLE VIDEO” , yes my video(Life At INDORE) is now publically opened for all ,Through the google video one can download the video or even can see that live ,,but only obstacle is that it needs the assured non interrupted INTERNET service .



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  1. Well the video was a great achievement for us it took harry few days to make it. The only think we were missing was a Digi Cam….we hiered a mobile wid camera frm doc n using softwares, finally he made a masterpiece frm few pics…….
    I am sure one day this guy is goin to do sth… brilliant…

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