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YEAH , So welcome to you all again ,As we know that In the current Scenerio the Orkut site is having the lot of hits in the World of the internet . The number of Orkut Users are augmenting in the heap amount .While using the orkut i found some sort of profoundness in sending the scrap to all the people indivisually if i just wanna a send a common reply to all knowns …. therefore to overcome these type of the Crap , i m going to present in front you. The best web-tool present in the Market which lets you to work at your acme with the orkut site ,,,, so here it starts the funway to the world of orkut ,share this link to all known and make them to n-joy with Harshit ,,

1.) Orkut Toolbar (Recommended for every orkut user):download.jpg


yes the Orkut Toolbar is the safe and the easiest way to send a scrap with making the Modification and without using that crap formatting tips.Now you have the “ONE CLICK ” shot to edit upon the ,every scrap .You will find it as simple as one finds in ” Yahoo Messanger” or MS word ..//

2.) Orkut Cute :(The Coolest one .. Haryiips Search) download.jpg

Again a better Software for u all .., Orkut Cute is a freeware program which let you send scraps (the public messages that anyone can leave on anyone else’s profile) to all your friends in Orkut and all your other online social networking communities. The program also informs you when you receive new scraps and new topics in yours communities.

Although such a program would allow you to communicate with the masses, a similar one was developed before which was abused by spammers.


  • Alerts you when you receive new scraps.
  • Scrap all of your friends (be careful with this one).
  • Receive notifications when forums are updated.

3.) Scrapboy (Online Orkut Messanger) : download.jpg

Scrapboy is a kind of browser for orkut. Using Scrapboy you can browse orkut and know when you or your friends receive new scraps. Sending scraps from your desktop is also as easy as writing an instant message. Keeping in touch with your friends was never more fun and easy. Just similar to the YAHOO MESSANGER

4.) Sorkut : (FireFox Addons) download.jpg

It is an FireFox extention made by an indian named Rohit Kumbhar.

This toolbar search for the threads with specific words in the title. Just give the commumity id of the community you want to search, enter the search term and click Search. Its basically an automation that an ultra patient person would go through for searching the threads he wants.
NOTE: You must be logged in to orkut to use this toolbar.

5.) Orkut Scrap Helper : (FireFox Extention) download.jpg

It is an FireFox extention made by an indian named Ajay Martin.


  • Scrap those who have scrapped you in a single step!
  • Persistant link to Your scrapbook.

NOTE: You must be logged in to orkut to use this tool.



  1. champ man u the champ nice of u ………. thnks for that upfatesof the scraboy


  3. mmmmmm sum aboriginal tool and collection..

  4. Try orkutalert from .It alerts you if you receive scraps right to your desktop without refreshing your home page or logging in from your browser.Just login once through orkutalert and then it will run in the background alerting you as and when required.

  5. DUDE thats what u will find at Scrapeboy and Orkut cute….

  6. Orkutalert doesnt send scraps it only alerts you.Its for those who use their browser to send /receive scraps.

  7. Well Normal ScrapBoy provided by the site is whopping 25MB!!

    Use this … Its just 3.2MB! Only difference is that this file does not contain .NET 1.0 … so if you already have .NET 1.0 why waste bandwidth over 25MB download!

  8. well buddy i had already mewntion tht in the above post .. still thnks for taking the interst in that…..

  9. Wanted to thank you for the post and also with you a happy new year. I am trying to get more involved with some projects online but darn work keeps getting in the way hahaha. Happy New year!

  10. Latest Version of Scrapboy in 3.17MB!!
    Use this Only difference is that this file does not contain .NET 1.0 … so if you already have .NET 1.0 why waste bandwidth over 25MB download!

  11. hi

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  14. Excellent Blog !!!
    Orkut really rocks and also all the tools !!

    Thanks for your post

  15. Orkut is future social socity………..

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