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Well i m writing the post over the most pronounced elment present in beteween us ..Again a Cynosure too .Might be with the most of the students , i think specially the students of indore.( r u indori’s getting to me ), yupp’s so , There are various intances present in my Mind while Writing this blog .. hmm .When i desided to write a post over the “Baked Samosa ” na .. i was just bannged with all the Memories associated with this Crap ,ya it sometime lead me into amnesia too.Right From the Day when i came to indore I was just living with this Crap that is present every where .The network or one can say the availability of the BS an alias for” Baked Samosa” was a conflagration in whole of the Indore .

Whenever we do remain the Hungry or were abstinented, we were any how coerced to this Crap.

To start with the first Meeting point for me was the “SANCHI POINT ” ,ohhh i hope all the DAVV students r very well aware of this Shopee .The quality of the BS was not so good even it sometimes its seems to be of Expired – Date too , even then we eat it

..with a Great Sense of Joy … (we have as no other solution )………… Almost every day after the collage soon as we move back to our world ..we do not forget to have “Get- Together “. Because at this Point we all used to have “Chay n Sutta ” ,but Aboriginal person i.e me and Mack(Makwana hope u r listening it ) .we never forget to repeat this inevitable..As we do come from the Room or the Home .. without having a single cup of tea(So bad )After Having such Heavy n Boring Lecture WE have to be here.So this Bulky outdated BS directly satisfy us. So this was the first samosa of the day .. now

The Second showroom (or a shoppe) among us was in the downstairs ofthe Famous Building A “Cache” ,,yaa u r getting to it ..(Near the CC – Cyber Cafe at Bhawar Kua BKC) ,, oops the sev he uses is really awesome .. [A- ]category still only the reason to eat were on the basis of the two factors

1. The shining is good

2. No other Shoppe available nearby ..

haan sometimes it can be supported by some Slice or Coke.

This shop used to be of great support for us in many of us during the initial days at BKC ,it helped at lot during we make the Night-outs .. (uday16 pointing to you) ,he can’tCull it . To be candid i can say that i too liked that ..

At initial days we liked this Samosa but later we started gaining the Wheight oohhh the biggest Crap to have in life… after making a lot of dips n pushup it destroys all our Dreams to be like the BOND (Sallu) .. although we do nothave that much supporting features still “SaLmAn BhAi” was Dream for us ,

THE Better One :- ya we found the Better

Samosa then these all AT the one and one place in INDORE itself ,, Guess …………………….. May be you are right ,,,,,,

At the ” Regal-Talkies” ohhhhh The best one in life…its one

of the best in the worst … Flooded whenever I ask Udi he always Nodded to have it one ,,,

u can have the Better Pic of that ,,,,


There were Various Experiment we made over the above.

Most of the times we were Just influenced with the Behemoth Size of BS,, later we Regret .. wht the Hellwas tht ……….

So Before ending the Session i m recollecting the Various Goodies n Harms we usually face,, so i m summerising those :-

Some Noxious :-

1. Augmented Acidity.

2. Dyspepsia (on the other Day).

3. Mollesting over Pocket Money.

4.Accrued Fat Content (If physique Conscious).

Some Amenities (Advantages )

1.Saves Time.

2.Cost Effective.

3.Appease your Appetite.(One BS = 6 HRs Consolation)

4. Tasty and Appealing

5. Saves Money Sometimes

6.Destined Part of Life.

Well no matter who are you , one day , one time this Crap will confront in your life n

may become a part of the Daily Routine Diet in Vain..

For the Above I literally Thank for my Pal ” Uday Sharma (UDY or Uday 16) for

suggesting and recollecting the best Memories we shared together ………. for ever N

ever .. n at last ” I love u Indore ” …….


  1. Well what i feel that my pal has included everything… this article
    Most of the times we enjoyed it together…..
    and when we’ll move from here (M.P.) we will really miss this crap..!!

  2. I just got da taste in ma mouth while reading this ……. great job man …….I dunno abt indore much .. but I remember the “poha” 8 ujjain which we used to have after school ……. true man, unforgettable feelings are those ……

  3. Well it’s really a nice Blog even it has put me in my flashback on those days indore when i was preparing 4 JCP exam.. i also used to stay 4 several Hrs’ on this Backed semoosas..! Dear brother you have done really a gr8 wrk..! –love u & ur wrk’s..ur-brother(ARPIT)

  4. Stumbled on your blog randomly.Couldn’t resist commenting on this one.Brought back a lot of old memories. I really liked the baked samosa at Bhanwarkuan ( the one wch u mention) than Sanchi point. Spent 6 yrs with those 🙂 That and the Veg Biryani at ICH, Bhanwarkuan.Have trid the damn thing everywhere…cudn’t find that taste! How I miss it all 😦 Did you try Bombay Bakery( en-route to Chaawni).They have nice Cheese Patty/Samosa.And hey, I was at IIPS too!

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