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Last night on Saturday when i was just yawning after hell number of the abortive try, to download the large files via rapidshare website.All of a sudden at the late night i was dumbfounded when my gimmick worked out , ya now i can download any size of the files via Rapidshare without making tht Premium Account . i hope all tech geeks were keen to know about it is so simple to implement and so simple to understand.

PROB:- Usually the Statement we found the in the rapidshare is that

Download-session invalid. Please click here

Possible reasons:

  • Download-session expired. Direct-links last a few minutes for free users and a few days for premium-users.
  • You requested this download-session from a different IP than yours. If you use AOL, try a different browser.
  • If nothing helps, getting a premium-account will override the IP-check, which means it will solve this problem.



1.Get the Rapishare url of the file which u wanna Download .

2.Copy and paste the desired Url in the Browser.


Before opting for the free account ,just do one thing



4. The work is done now you can download any size of the file .



well as far a my point of view is concern ,it works in the following manner , soon as we click over the link the it send the request to server via GetRequest() Method and soon as the server get an Request it Responce back to client side via RMI application or so . All the undergoing takes place under the aegis of session tracking ,while the procedure of 101 downloading , in the session tracking the IP-address of the client is traced during the first download and the amount of data to transferred is notified . Now …To overcome this and not to get cul-de -sack in that web. we break the session and flow of the session tracking so as to start a new session Thereby letting the modem off for a while. A bit simple approach to beguile the server.



  1. thanks yaar… u have done a fantastic job

    really thankful
    keep blogging…….

  2. great job dude….keep it up….

  3. Hwy buddy …this is nice

    but can you tell me something for fixed IP…in which no body can touch the modem and cant tod another thing also

    please help ….

  4. well budy i had tried that ,well good question .. anyaws if u wanna download that without touching the modem then ,u can get the help of the proxy server every time ,,i hope u get to the point of the proxy server ,, just open that different download via different P-server u can find the count getting started on the websiteon the Rapidshare…….. it really works////

  5. thanx for that dude…..was having problem in downloading some stuff…!!!

    u made things easy…

    hats off to u..!!

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  7. thx for ur reply..
    Most readers on my blog, also friends listed in blogroll, are Indonesian. I just translate the trick steps into Indonesia language, based on your guide. In my post, i just tell every body some tricks to deceive Rapidshare’s session expire. Like you said, but in my id version, there are 2 ways : Restart the modem or using proxy server. The steps are same as you, but i’ve additional image & explanation. The Gimmick trick may useful to user
    who can reaches the modem or at least knows about proxy server. I also have additional information which derived from :

    And i’ve translated some information from above post to id version.
    If i write or comment out both posting (from you & mydigitallive’s blog) in english language,
    im afraid that the readers don’t get the right directions / meanings. The reasons are
    Im not good in using english language (may cause ambiguous :D) and i know who the readers, my friends, and her/his capability to understand the english words.
    Im really sorry if I didn’t comment out your post in english. πŸ™‚

  8. Thnks brother for acknowledging the things clearly i thought tht it could be a spam comment so i was about to delete the same.anyways nice to see ur responce . no probs if u dont use the english language. But the main Prob tht u might confront is tht one shld make the blog the thereby keeping in mind to there scope .i.e whether its for the regional purpose or for Shairing the info. globally. As English is Accepted Globelly .it Depends hope to see ur comment n updates soon …

    God Bless //

    Regards Harshit Pandey.

  9. Straight from rapidshare’s server: valid premium accounts until someone changes the pass

  10. hi dear…
    great posts man..!!

    my favourite being the adobe stuff…..

    neways it will be great if u could check out my blog and suggest me any amendments..!!

    Thanks !!

  11. The blog being …””

  12. well anks nice to see ur responce man…..neways i had posted the comment over at your blog .Thereby enlisting the ammendment needed must check it out there…

    God Bless.

    Harshit Pandey






  15. turning my modem off really works great thanks

  16. does it work when you use winicfg (win98) releasig ip & xp?

  17. Well as far as my knowledge is concern it works.

  18. i am getting “You have reached the download-limit for free-users” some time even if i turn off the modem i can for example download 6 files and it does that one just one that i am left on !!

  19. cud u pls explain ur prob agn.. what actually u r facing there.

  20. Hey,

    I’ve tried what you suggest twice on the linksys but still get the same response, that I have to wait for the appropriate timing for the next download. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks.

  21. Guys,

    I just use Rapidleech to download from Rapidshare, so you can download fast from Rapidshare πŸ™‚

    You can make yourself website like this with Rapidleech script.

    For more info/user guide on how to use Rapidleech, log on to:

    Happy leeching :mrgreen:

  22. I think they (rapidshare) might have figured it out, i have tried it a couple of times and it dosent work.

  23. wasee i can’t seem to do what u are talking about

  24. rapidshare free premiums for 1 mon

    new accs passwords
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  25. Thanks, but it says that account found, but pass is incorrect… 😦



  27. Go to and all the things tht you want to know about rapidshare and megaupload including cracks,hacks and also usernames and passwords are all there all you have to do is to post your own comment.. You should post atleast 10 comments to become a registered member then you will be given the username and password for rapidshare!!! So what are u waiting for go there.. and click on forums!!!

  28. Hey people check this site out its great for free rapidshare accounts and stuff.. Its great with loads of tips and tricks as well.. Go there now

  29. Hey people check this site out its great for free rapidshare accounts and stuff.. Its great with loads of tips and tricks as well.. Go there now

    Hey people check this site out its great for free rapidshare accounts and stuff.. Its great with loads of tips and tricks as well.. Go there now

    Hey people check this site out its great for free rapidshare accounts and stuff.. Its great with loads of tips and tricks as well.. Go there now

    Hey people check this site out its great for free rapidshare accounts and stuff.. Its great with loads of tips and tricks as well.. Go there now

  30. Guys why does every one change the password..we are in this together….

  31. Guys why does every one change the password..we are in this together….can u upload the accounts in some other site like …cuz i cant downlaod from rapid share

  32. Hey people i have got the latest rapidshare and megaupload accounts and wanted to share with you coz they would then expire and would be of no use to me.

    This file is only 15kb which just consists of a notepad file with the accounts there..

    Here is the link


  33. excellent work man

  34. tnsx man

  35. hi please can anybody mail me a rapidshare account ( …. the links u people have posted have been removed….it is showing some error msg…

    thank you..

  36. well here lotta posting have been done for the rapidshare free account .Neways people thanks for all you participation and if one find and other gimmick do post here the participants are heartly welcome to share the tricks.


    Harshit Pandey

  37. Don’t download rosty’s up there, he’s just spamming to get rs points…A really good program for rapidshare downloads is called the grabber, here is the latest version:

    You won’t get top speeds because you will be using a proxy but you will get unlimited downloads…this is the best way to get around buying a rs account…

  38. well thats the good approach man.

  39. First i want to thank you…
    I believe grabber works using proxy… but here we have dsl connection provided from isp to hotel (2mbps link)…. when we try any download our ip will be registered in rapidshare.. so i dont think it ill work becoz lots of people in hotel may use rapidshare. it always shows wait for 120mins 190mins..

  40. Hey people i got this website where u can get free rapidshare accounts hope u like it!!

    Just check it out!!!

    Hey people i got this website where u can get free rapidshare accounts hope u like it!!

    Just check it out!!!

  41. Try this site

    He explains everything with videos.

  42. i have bought this acc now please don’t change the password!!! IT’s 1 Month ACC
    I am using it please don’t change the pass
    This is acc

  43. Help me gain world domination πŸ˜€

  44. Ok i dont get it, you are posting rapidshare passwords on rapidshare?? Call me idiot but i dont think that is most idiotic thing i saw… and naming it Rapidpass or Rapidacc ???
    Oh and you know for how long you will have your account with old password? Exactly 5 sec. First idiot that logs in will change pass since ppl are mostly greedy swines after all…

  45. Does any body have any Idead how to remote upload files on usuing
    The remoteupload feature ? I have both sites Premium acc but I can’t do that ???

    not only in but in it’s impossible to remoteupload

    I don’t know why ??? and how can i do that …

    if u know the answer plz contact me at ”

  46. Hi ,

    Just fedup with this rapidshare msg “wait for 100 min etc” .
    please any one can send a userid and password for downloads,,,some what important…

    to this mailid


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  48. pls friends help me.. i want to download a movie which is in many parts,,, iam not able to download all at a time not even one after the other. if a file is downloading, and i want to download other i simply says “You have reached the download-limit for free-users. Want to download more?
    Get your own Premium-account now! Instant download-access! (Or wait 34 minutes)”.pls help me.

  49. Please Please send a rapidshare userid and password to since I want to download a file which is kept in 15 parts.

  50. please send me the Rapid share free premium account ,, i have checked all the blogs but all the Link are not working correctly in rapidshare website the message i found that file not found soo kindly help me and give me the free premium account i m regarly thankful if u kindly mail me @ … -> .. soo i m ensuring that u r kindly help me

    Muhammad Kalim

  51. Ooooh..what the hell..?

    Guys are you downloading this fake files?:( Come on its all fake you know.
    Come on to me, i have many accounts and cracking tools,trust me.

    Latest rapidshare hack tools from my engineer friends.
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  52. Hello to all the visitors here.First of all this is the official note i am posting over here regarding the above post.This post is made just to share the Rapidshare tricks to downdload ,this doesn’t mean to share the password and account of the rapidshare of any such premium Membership or any such illegal account information.,In the future comments I would not appreciate any of such comments containing the user name and password for the rapidshare,Any post containing any of such information will not be approved at all furthur.Thnks for the kind support and thanks for helping out to keep the blog clean and legitimate.

    Thanks for Visiting

  53. Here are few accounts for September 2007. Grab them and enjoy….keep the passwords unchanged so that others can use them as well.
    for future reference visit

  54. wow…. its the most easiest…..

  55. It didnt work for me to turn off the modem. One buddy told me it is because my modem is wireless.

    Any suggestions?

  56. Well diego, Technically speaking i dont think so that this would be the problem.As far as my stance is concerned i dont think so modem cofiguration would result out into the change in the method of the Download.Well what is depends is the Sever Request game.Once you get the entry just break the session and get the access over the Blog that all.

    I think you should better try it again.

    Hope It works.

    Harshit Pandey

  57. Many of you tired of using various tricks to download from and .de, here I found a Website with many Search engines. Of them one Crawler website, Actually the tool is displayed well below the Crawler website. Click the tool all its done.

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  58. please send me the Rapid share free premium account. plz plz plz plz plz

  59. gr88888……

  60. IF anyone giving away rapidshare aacounts for free .. just think about it ..he can sell it for buks so why in da wolrd he is givin it for free ~_^ who ever asking u to download frm rapidhsare he is just trying to get sum points nd making u look like an idiot ..dey r all scum nd remember my frnds nuthing in dis world is free ..

  61. Any body help me to download with out waitng at rapidshare.
    pls help me …….

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  63. passwort nicht Γ€ndern!!!!

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  67. awesome, now i won’t have to wait for rapidshare’s crap waiting time, man oh man.

  68. thanks,

    more trick and rapidleech server

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