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Well let me share with you all,, some of the data that i gathered within the last two days , therby putting the dogwatch over the Blog Growth Rate ,, so i Gotta better way to share the info via the pics of that time …

Here setting up the new target of mine ,,again it continued ,, till the next day also … The Spdierman posting ususally got avg 200 hits via search engine terms and over all 560 hits a day..


The progress Continued for the next day also , got registered for the Fastest growing blog ..


At last thnks to all visitor for appricitating the above Blog … well ill keep blogging furthur in future till your support exist,,



  1. Good job dude u had really done the appriciating work ,, thts really very good progress , keep posting and best of luck for all ur’s future postings.

    Rudra Awasthi.

  2. omg i luv titanic so i think even though that titanic 2 will b fake, i would really love to see it. titanic is my love and it ould be a bitch if they didnt make it!

  3. IS THERE REALLY GOING TO BE A TITANIC TWO BEAUSE THE FIRST ONE IS LIKE MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!! good job this seems like a great blog.The thing is that this trailer for titanic 2 looks fake because these are possibly just a lot of clips from other movies he’s been in.I recognize one. Sorry but hopefully some big movie director guy will like the idea and make it a reality. great work!

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