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Monthly Archives: October 2006

So it was a long time back again I am again writing the new post .well today i wanna share some of the most outstanding information regarding the my proffesional town .ya the Heart of the Malwa : none other then the Indore… flooded with awing qualities and the opportunity to assay ones prowess. Anyways concerning on the various elements over the indore . Let me share with u the latest craze thts going on in the city ,, well too late to comment but still one can comment now also ,, ya i m talking about the malls … the “Treasure Island”abrrivated or by an alias its the “TI”..

Here are some of the Close pics of the stripline destination… “the TI”


well always Swamped with Flock ,,specially over the sundays..


well tht was the pic of some Lady confronting the Rajisthani hotel .. ” The Thalli” awashed with the bizarre type of the sabzis..

Again the new Crush is the Recently open mall of the The home product of the Mangal Brothers ya none other then the “Mangal City ” Actually its UC(Under Contruction).

Still we Cul-de-sack the nice picture of it so lets have a over look over the Mall ..


well it was the evening time we got a nice picture of the Aircraft at the “Devi Ahilya Airport” .. soon it flew away to Mumbai..




Now let me share some the memories of my first visit to IIM-I(INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT-INDORE).. truly speaking i was amazed by each and every activity of the adolescence working over there with such a zeal to bring the change in the life,,, turely inspiring one ,,,

The main thing to concern was the bizzareness in the youth present over there ,,all were champ in any of the workings weather it may relate to music or the photography …well so far i can the say the location were the IIM is situated is really photogenic.. By Hooks n Crooks i tried to Grab best pics tht one could get from the IIM guys ..tht came in to my collage in IIPS -DAVV..


The Picture of the campus at late night ,, seems to be a Good one ,,,

Now i am waiting for the new Jaunt or the Trip to explore the City … not only indore but also any good one …. lets see when i get the Fortuity…..