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Hmm… Recently the Windows user confronted with latest version so called the vista that has been lauched over by Microsoft click here to know more.(

The latst version of this window had came with the some new player n the gadgets like Windows Media Player 11 and the Internet Explorer-7 so called the IE-7.


But the major prob that a normal user encounter is that ever after Downloding in the case of the installation usually it ask for the Geninue copy of the Windows. So to beguile thie things its better to use some set of the gimmcks thereby making the manipulation in the registry…

Windows Media Player (WMP) 11 for XP has been released which is available for direct full download from Windows Media Player Download page (no validation required), or Microsoft Download Center (WGA validation required), and Microsoft decided to add a WGA check to the installation routine.

trick 4 Media Player 11 installation and the Internet Explorer 7 installation.
you can download this registry file, executed it and start the windows media player 11 for xp installation and it should go through passing the WGA check without problems. Suspicious users should check the registry file before they double-click it and make a backup of their registry.


After you download that Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft website, use any compression utility, such as Winrar, to extract the WMP11 installer to a temporary directory. You can right click on the setup file and choose any Extract option or launch the extraction utility and choose the WMP11 setup file to extract it.

Then download click here note rename the file as microsoft edited it (”i edited this post afer a good reply comment from our Geek visiter”)and extract it. Copy that extracted legitlib.dll and paste legitlib.dll into the extracted directory of WMP11 installer. Overwrite any existing file.
Run setup_wm.exe. and done. You can install Windows Media Player wmp 11 Beta accordingly.


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  1. lemme try… hope it works…

  2. well it worked over the many of the visitors pc… i have been acknowledged by more then 80 mails from the homepage of mine… only it need that one must have the SP-2 configuration .. that must if not got for the microsoft updaton first .. then have a try..

  3. hey dude i cant get your legitlimb.rar
    i dont want to change the registry

  4. lmnadskfgdaskfaksdfvbaskfhas j

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