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yeah ,,well again i m here with some better Nuts to Crack ,, Some Hidden Concept which is as easy as just Mugging upon any person or u r fren ,,whtever here are some of the Hidden Smilyes that we do not use in our daily clitches while babbling .. so now u can astonish someone n to become a “Cynosure ” check this out,,

Smiley Keys
Star (*)
Just kidding! :-j
Chattermouth :-@
Yin-Yang (%)
April o-+
Billy o=>
Hiro o->
Hee hee ;))
Bring it on! >:/
Dancing \:D/
Doggy :o3

Now some More To Crack … yo keep Going ,,

Smiley Keys
Shame on you [-X
Peace! :)>-
Feeling beat up b-(
Whistling :-“
Cha-ching! $-)
Praying [-o<
Frustrated :-L
Alien >-)
Bug =:)
Skull 8-X
Uh… Dunno! :-??

Wow ………

Smiley Keys
Idea *-:)
Coffee ~o)
Pumpkin (~~)
Flag **==
Good luck! %%-
Rose @};-
Chicken ~:>
Monkey :(|)
Cow 3:-O
Pig :@)
Ain’t listening! %-(

What’s new or improved in YM v8 (build
1. Plug-Ins: Get News, Music, Finance etc right to your Messenger window.

2. Yahoo 360: Alerts you whenever a buddy of yours updates his blog, uploads new pics etc.

3. Free PC to PC calls: Similar to Skype. Be warned! Emergency numbers such as 911 DO NOT WORK with this system.

4. PC to Phone: You can call landlines from your PC for a small fee.

5. Web Radio: The name says it all.

Well Keep Watching for more such Info,,,,


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