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Monthly Archives: February 2007


Recently the number of user of the Firefox has augmented to its apogee ,within the very small interval of time . The soul cause of the above is, the allured , useful ,user friendly Addon’s available for the firefox. Well the most pronounced problem that the user usually confront is, if in case , accidently someone closes to the tab option present in the browser. Then it beacomes really hard to recover that closed tab.

To avoid such problem, FireFox users can use and upgrade to FireFox 2, which has improved tabbed browsing features. Among the features is ability for users to re-open an accidentally closed tab by using a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+T, or by right clicking on the tab bar, the select “Undo Close Tab”. FireFox 2 will cache and keep track of a list of recently closed tabs in the History menu so that after the web page in the tab has been closed, but FireFox can still retrieves it and displays the web page on the new tab.

Session Recovering:

Now the other problem that the user often encounter is that with the dealing with the site that are faclitated via Session Tracking part ,which are basically jsp or asp pages .Now if the user wanna Restore that session, then there is no option left with it.As the session gets expire for the same..

So in order to overcome the above problem ,The Firefox had enabled a new addon speacially for the old version of firefox user i.e firfox 1.5 version .So called the session Manager which can save n restore the session thereafter…

The Session Manager can be download from here.

Session Manager