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Well  most of the internet users,, Usually keep  mugging with thousands of sites for the various amont of the information. In those all the internet surfers, many  of them usually use “The Google ” to be the most powerful agent to search the best possible things that is needed.

But among us  a major section of users  are not aware with the ” Hidden Features of Google” .So its  lets have the dwidle look over the Google n its usage with a different approach.


Google Is a Calculator:

You can use the standard algebraic operators to construct your calculations—+, -, x, and / for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, accordingly. For example, to add 2 plus 3, enter 2 + 3 and press Enter. To divide 10 by 2, enter 10 / 2, and so on.

And Google’s calculator isn’t limited to basic addition and multiplication. It can also handle more advanced calculations, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, and logarithmic functions. Just enter the proper formula into the search box, and wait for Google to display the answer.

Google Knows Mathematical Constants:

For example, if you’re not sure what the value of pi is, just enter pi into the Search box and press Enter; Google returns 3.14159265, as it should. How about the speed of light? Enter speed of light, and Google returns 299,792,458 m/s. It’s amazing what Google knows.

Google Converts Units of Measure:

A general query looks like this: x firstunits in secondunits.

For example, to find out how many feet equal a meter, enter the query 1 meter in feet. Not sure how many teaspoons are in a cup? Enter 1 cup in teaspoons. Want to convert 100 U.S. dollars into Euros? Then enter 100 usd in euros. And so on and so forth.

Google Is a Dictionary:

Want to look up the definition of a particular word, but don’t want to bother pulling out the old hardcover dictionary? Not sure of a specific spelling? Then use Google as an online dictionary to look up any word you can think of. It’s easy—and there are two ways to do it.

All u need to tht is to Write the word “what is ” before the quesry .For Example suppose you have to search for the word lets say Beguile then Write in the google search bar as

what is beguile and soon you would get the Web defination of the same … amazing facts it is.

Google Is a Glossary

Even more definitions are available when you use the Google Glossary feature.

enter the query define:defenestrate.

When your query includes the define: operator, Google displays a special definitions page. This page includes all the definitions for the word that Google found on the web; click a link to view the full definition.

And here’s something else to know. If you want to define a phrase, use the define: operator but put the phrase in quotation marks. For example, to define the phrase “peer to peer”, enter the query define:”peer to peer”.

Google Lists All the Facts:

Yes Google can list some of the unknown facts like see this .

  • To find the population of Delhi, enter population of Delhi;
  • To find where Mahatma Gandhi was born, enter birthplace Mahatma Gandhi.
  • To find when Albert Einstein died, enter die Albert Einstein.
  • To find who is the president of Germany, enter president germany.

The answers to these questions are displayed at the top of your search results page. You get the precise answer to your question, according to the referenced website. Click the associated link to learn more from this source.

Google Displays Weather Reports:

Did you know that Google can be used to find and display current weather conditions and forecasts? It’s a pretty easy search; all you have to do is enter the keyword weather, followed by the location.

Example : weather indore N see the amazing Results .

Google Tracks Flight Status:

Google also lets you track the status of any U.S. flight and many international flights. All you have to do is enter the flight number into the Google search box. For example, to find out the status of Indian Airlines flight 116, enter Ia116.

Google now displays links to three sites that let you track the flight status—Travelocity, Expedia, and fboweb. Click one of these links to view real-time flight status—including maps of where the plane is in its route.

Google Is a Giant Phone Directory:

As part of its massive database of information, Google now includes listings for millions of U.S. households in what it calls the Google PhoneBook. You search the PhoneBook listings from the main Google search box, using specific query parameters.

All you have to do is enter some combination of the following parameters: first name (or initial), last name, city, state, or Zip code. For example, to search for John Smith in MoutainView, enter john smith MountainView MV. As you might suspect, the more details you provide, the more targeted your results will be.

Google Knows Area Codes:

It goes without saying that if Google knows phone numbers, it also knows area codes. If you have an area code and want to know which city it serves, just enter the area code; Google will return the city in which that area code resides.

Google Has Movie Information:

All you have to do is enter the word movies followed by the name of the movie. For example, to find out when Casino Royale is showing in your neighborhood, enter movies Grudge 2.

Google now displays a movie information section at the top of the search results page. From here you can click to view movie reviews, showtimes for a theater near you, and so on.

I hope These Features would be liked by you people if all of them are not awared of it.If u like this post then do post a comment for the same.


  1. Google is a lot of things, However most people don’t realise as they have never used the features. Come back uncle sam all is forgiven.

  2. see

    google’s private cool site

  3. hey ..ultimate info dude….i never new that google could do so much ….
    thnx for posting this …it will come handy…

    keep smiling and keep writing

  4. Say thank you you for another gargantuan article. Where else could anyone suffer from that approachable of info in such a best way of writing? I have a display next week, and I am on the look after such information.

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