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As far as i know most of the mates were not aware of downloading the material from the net using the Torrent file .Many of the user find it combersome or profound if they follow this approach. Anyways lets share some info regarding this Torrent Download and lets learn the way, How to download lots n lots of material without any disturbence.


All you need to do ,is to install the BitTorrents software (basically the download mangers) mostly pronounced ones like MUTorrent(Mutorrent) .Which can be downloaded from here.MUtorrent. Now next step is to Download the torrent files from many of the torrent file containing servers.. Like the best one i had found is the Torrent Search engine.

See this.

Just open this Torrent Download Manage and then open the ” Downloaded Torrent file ” in the above Software and one can manage downloading of the above file with an ease. If one finds still any diffculty in that do comment here with the quarries.


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