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Hi there ,Recently mugging wid the Java n J2ee Ebook .Most of the times i have to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the .pdf files. The most crap part in that file reading software is that , It takes lot of time to load , To overcome the above i found a Gimmick.Using this Simple Trick one can load the platform as easily as notepad.

Steps to be followed:-

1.First close any opening instance of Adobe Acrobat Reader(if opened Already) .

2. Go to the installation directory of Adobe reader(where all it’s files & it’s installed) which is mainly C:\program files\adobe\acrobat\reader\ (may be different in your case) .

3.Now move(remeber to move not copy) all the files that are located there and from the “plugins” folder to the “Optional” folder/directory present over there. (cut and paste the files & plugins should be made empty – do NOT copy & paste).

4. Now see the Magic of the same. Thereby opening the .exe of the Acrobat Reader.

5.Do comment here and say thanks for the same.


  1. hey bro……..thanks to u…..for d posting

  2. nice trick haa

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