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Search Hacker is a Google Custom Search based search engine to find files without using the long and hard-to-remember search queries in Google. Just search, refine the result to specific file formats and get what you want!

Search Hacker can be used to find variety of file formats like wav, mp3, doc, cvs, wma, mpg, xls, zip, mid, mpeg, pdf, rar, avi, mov, txt and torrents. I tried Search Hacker and it works, but some results return errors. Can’t blame Search Hacker for that, just skip and try another result.


Search Hacker has a sister site called Cam Hacker which can be used for searching unprotected live webcams. Search Hacker deservers to be in your bookmarks, however, if you are a hard working sucker, then you can try searching the hard way.

One Comment

  1. its a cool one…!!
    Found it quite useful in searching one of my mp3…!!

    Good going !!

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