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Well really india is the land of aborginal talents existing in the world . This post is in the honour of one of the most aboriginal scientist existing in the world named as T.V.Raman (Note T.V .Raman has no relation with the physicist Sir C. V. Raman of Raman spectroscopy fame)

The most outstanding feature of the sir T.V.Raman are many , but some of them i am enlisting over here :-

TV Raman is solving Rubik’s cube in 24 seconds.(Worlds Fastest) .

Presently Working as the Reasearch Scientist in the Google.Inc MV Cal.

IBM Research, Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India: MSc Computer Science: GPA: 9.7810.00 July 1989.

Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) Doctoral Dissertation Award 1994.

Intel Graduate Fellowship Intel Corporation, CA 1992.

Graduate Fellowship Cornell University. 1989.

President’s Silver Medal Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. 1989.

Sir Cusrow Wadia Gold Medal University of Pune. 1987.

Sir Ness Wadia Gold Medal. 1984.

What is remarkable is that Raman is visually Handicapped.

Futhur intersted visitor can try their hands on the above sites

Ps: Resume , Homepage

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