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Got fed up with the all time Google home .. if u want to have the change in its look then do as directed to have such pages in your PC .So called as (client side script) some of them here as mentioned with the respective names.

Blue Elements:


Ubeatable Black:


Ash Gray:


Black Image Search:


To have this all you need to do is the follow this steps:

1.Install firefox Addon Stylish here.

2.Now install these themes in the above


Crystal Blue –

Google Dark Gray

Google Image Search – Dark Gray

Youtube -Dark Gray

Now as soon as you get the url page mentioned here,Click on the button the “Load To Stylish”


Just Load it to stylish and manage to activate it from the icon of the stylish poped up there at the downside of the Browser Window. Show in the above image.


Just Acitvate the client side script mentioned for the specific site and njoy.


  1. Very cool, thankyou very much, this will make browsing 10x easier on my precious eyeballs ! 😉

  2. thanks for appriciation brother.

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