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With the gaint success of Yahoo Messenger, The Yahoo has came up with the new idea to launch the new product named as Yahoo WebMessanger . The above product provides a lucid interface for the client to login to there respective yahoo account from the webpage itself.Unlike Meebo it provides the interface only for the Yahoo (ahh thats Understood) but being in the beeta phase, at the ab-inito of the launch of the product, the feedback were quite harsh, later on within a few days, the amendation done in above had made the product to amliorate to better one. Therby adding the yahoo webmessanger to the Windows live chat.


This flash based web messenger by Yahoo is awesome because it works


  1. nice work man……

  2. i need to know how the best way to get msn messenger iam at school andi wana knwo the way that teachers never Blocked it ??

  3. Well andi i think now the webmessanger is available to you in market as the webpage so its better to use the Proxy server accost to avail the same.

    Good Luck.

  4. Sorry 😦

  5. Nice…

  6. Cool!

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  9. interesting

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  12. interesting

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  17. so so

  18. Suparb!!!!!!

  19. Cool…

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  21. so so well

  22. any one there

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