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For the last two year we had seen lots of the advancement in the social networking site named orkut ,The most gradual change that we people confront was the use of the Differnt varities of the Gimmicks in the orkut site with help of the Js or whatever.Intially i was having lots of interst in the above site and used to appall many of the acquientants of mine .

After using such Gimmicks most of the janta get dumbfounded and seek for the sources to grab the most updated and best sort of the gimmick .So to help those seekers i tried to collect the WebBlogs and WebPages containing the agglomoration of the Gimmicks in nutshell hope this site would be useful to readers here .

1. OrkutTrix(Thanks to Aditi for reference)

2. Zeetab

3. OrkutBlog

4. Tricks4Fun

5. InsideOrkut

Any More Tricky Site on known Plese do post in the Comment Box


  1. its gud yaaaaaar

  2. add this site to maker batter orkut

    ok for any ques send me E mail

    Sender : Admin Of

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