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If you people like using keyboard shortcuts while surfing the web with your Firefox browser, this one might be extra useful.

Here are some useful shortcuts that apply ONLY to Mozilla Firefox:


      Ctrl + T:Open new tab
      Ctr +Tab, Ctrl+Page Down: Move to the next tab
      Ctrl+ Page Up: Move to the previous tab
      Ctr + -: Decrease text size
      Ctrl + +: Increase text size
      Ctrl + 0: Restore text back to normal size
      Ctrl + Down Arrow: Select next search engine in location bar
      Ctrl+ J: Open download manager window
      Ctrl + K:Search the Web using the current search engine and keyword
      Ctrl + n (where n is a number):Go to the nth open tab
      Ctrl + S: Save current page as file
      Ctrl + U: View page source
  • The full Firefox keyboard shortcut list can be found at


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