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As per on the theme of the last year. The WordPress Devolopers and the Team members had decided to have a gathering therby the naming it with the WordCamp to be held on 21st and 22 nd of july this year.The most outstanding features of the above meeting is that every memeber of the above meet would be given with the free meal and WordPress Tshirt.Unlike the last year ,this year the confrence would be extended for the 2 days catagorising the discussion according to the days .

On the very first the day they will discuss about the topic moreover related to blog fancing like Podcasting or the Search Engine Optimisation Seo Techniques .While on the other day they will cover the topic realted to future design and publishing of the WordPress,The whole of the session would be ornated with the Tech speaks in the end. Proud saying that this year , Of the 8 Technical Speakers  2 of them are the Indians.The whole of the session finally would end with the party of the Saturday Night adds the Matt ,but the worst part in whole scene is that registration are the limited.So grab your seat soon.. I am really regreating ,As per beacause the party is out of my bounds .

Neways Enjoy the Party and Cheers to all.


  1. Yeah check out my post too.
    Since you won’t remove my stolen files from your wordpress FTP server base when you said you did, since you won’t answer emails. What are you a robot?

    When will you wake up and look at all the complaints from others regarding stolen lolcats? And put and end to this?

  2. Cool.

  3. Nice…

  4. Nice

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