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Monthly Archives: July 2007

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David Copperfield (the most far-famed illusionist ever born),always made me dismayed of his daily illusionary acts which appeals me most,the act that he usually perform over his casual shows are awing and awe-inspiring.The most remarkable one that i had ever seen was the “Saw-toothed ” video of the him. I was in search for the collection of some his most beautiful video performances ,that he had ever made. First of all thanks to the youtube for providing such collection, not in the case of this post but for all the post, where i found the need to adhere the video in support.

Here the video i am adding with my post covers the “saw toothed dead show” of David. Hope by watching this show, you will come to know of his dexterity and furtiveness in his performances.

A bit simple one….

Floating rose Show :-

Might be for some of the readers would discern watching these videos ,still i like the presentation of the legend.

More Videos (for furthur interested readers)

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Recently Google had launched a competition in which the students participating had to draw the Campus map in the 3D world using the Google sketch Software. Hapelessly none of the indian university ,had applied for the same and therefore, no indian even sited in the scene of the results.

The results are in for the winners of the Build Your Campus in 3D Competition, which we announced in January. The judges chose 7 teams from among the dozens who submitted more than 4,000 buildings from colleges and universities all over North America. And the winning school teams who will be joining google in  Mountain View are:

University of Minnesota | Twin Cities, Minnesota
Purdue University | West Lafayette, Indiana
Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec
Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne | Fort Wayne, Indiana
Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering | Needham, Massachusetts
Dartmouth College | Hanover, New Hampshire
Stanford University | Stanford, California

Check out the competition site to see more details about the judges, the rules, the winners, and what they won. From there, you can also  follow a link to see the winning campuses in indivisuals  copy of Google Earth.

PS: Google Blog

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Recently i was happy when i finally got to know more about the zeest for which i have been waiting for a long time .Rarely any such guy in the collage life had not yet listened to this song.After listing this song i was quite curious to know more about this band and Hapefully i got lots of links associated with Zeest.

Some of the info i gather had been lumped down over here.

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Odiogo - Voice your content - RSS Podcast Text-To-Speech

Just check out the odigo webpage ,its all about converting your post and website or the blog feeds into the audio post which could be listened without giving any pain to your most valuable eyes. If you are intersted in this accost try your hand over such content. Soon the visitor will find my blog adhered with such amnities.

The Odiogo Podcast Producer Servers generate high quality audio files from textual posts

Autocasting is the term used to refer either service or tool that would automatically convert the text on a blog into speech. Most of these tools and service would read the RSS feed and covert them into speech using their inbuilt Tex-to-Speech (TTS) technology.

Why Autocasting?

Autocasting can be used in conjunction with normal blog that would add more liveliness to users. Podcasting would allow readers to listen to your post while they are working in parallel. Thus it would help the author to convey their complete story to their reader rather than readers scanning the post text.

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