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Make your company’s search engine as good as Google’s – and just as easy to use.

Google Mini

The Google Mini

Search your corporate data and improve employee productivity
With the Google Mini, you can offer employees relevant and secure search across intranets, file servers, and business applications. Employees’ familiarity with Google’s user interface from searching on will facilitate adoption in your enterprise, and instant access to corporate information will make them more productive.

The Google Mini works with over 220 different file formats and its integration with existing security systems ensures that employees can only access information they are supposed to view.

Google Search Appliance:
The Google Search Appliance
The Google Search Appliance makes the sea of lost and misplaced data on your web servers, file servers, content management systems, relational databases and business applications instantly available from a single familiar search box.
The Google Search Appliance crawls your content and creates a master index of documents that’s ready for instant retrieval using Google’s search technology, whenever a customer or employee types in a search query. The Google Search Appliance can index millions of documents, and its security features ensure that users can only access the information that they have permission to view. The Google Search Appliance is easy to set up and requires minimal ongoing administration, making it extremely cost-effective. The Google Search Appliance starts at $30,000 to search up to 500,000 documents…

So Bring home your own Google.

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