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Recently i was happy when i finally got to know more about the zeest for which i have been waiting for a long time .Rarely any such guy in the collage life had not yet listened to this song.After listing this song i was quite curious to know more about this band and Hapefully i got lots of links associated with Zeest.

Some of the info i gather had been lumped down over here.

About Zeest :-Zeest is a Karachi, Pakistan based Project. Saqib Abdullah a.k.a Skip came up with Zeest as a Social Musical Project in August 2003. Zeest is a Persian word, which means Life, however, it can also be used as hope, light and faith. The word Zeest gives a broad picture of what Skip will come up with in the near future. Skip wants to highlight problems of the youth by giving indirect messages in his songs.

Shakib Abdullah :-(Skip)

Saqib Abdullah (Skip) was born in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 1984. He is the 3rd and youngest amongst his siblings. Skip attended a Pakistani school in Saudi Arabia. He gives credit to his older brothers, for helping him develop a great taste in music. Skip listens to Blues, Jazz, Country, R&B, Soul and Rock n Roll.

Skip moved to Pakistan in 1996 with his family, and worked on his studies. He lost two guitars previously, since his parents smashed them both. However, he did not lose hope and bought a third guitar. Hiding it wasn’t easy but he still managed to do it somehow. Skip devoted in life to music. As a result, he was bunking classes, which led him to trouble. He finally gave up studies and too music as a full time career.

Skip went through a lot after creating Zeest (as a band). A lot of musicians did not understand the core concept behind his music and some were just too busy with their personal lives, so he decided to change Zeest (the band) to Zeest, a socially oriented musical project. He owes his success to his brothers, friends and fellow musicians who supported and helped him whenever he needed them.


Hmm so i think you would find it intersting to know that Zeest had launched its official blog and website recently .Must visit this abode of Sutta(BC Sutta)

PS:- Zeest Blog (official)


Some more links must read

Download Sutta

An Interview Of Zeest’s Skip(Saqib Abdullah) Conducted By Pakistan Muzik

Zeest @ Wikipedia


  1. Hey! This is Arooj of Zeest 😀
    You got the spelling wrong for his name, it’s Saqib Abdullah =)
    Rest assured, I’m glad you’ve been following our blog entries ..

  2. thanks for acknowledging me about that blunder.. will amend that soon.

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