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Odiogo - Voice your content - RSS Podcast Text-To-Speech

Just check out the odigo webpage ,its all about converting your post and website or the blog feeds into the audio post which could be listened without giving any pain to your most valuable eyes. If you are intersted in this accost try your hand over such content. Soon the visitor will find my blog adhered with such amnities.

The Odiogo Podcast Producer Servers generate high quality audio files from textual posts

Autocasting is the term used to refer either service or tool that would automatically convert the text on a blog into speech. Most of these tools and service would read the RSS feed and covert them into speech using their inbuilt Tex-to-Speech (TTS) technology.

Why Autocasting?

Autocasting can be used in conjunction with normal blog that would add more liveliness to users. Podcasting would allow readers to listen to your post while they are working in parallel. Thus it would help the author to convey their complete story to their reader rather than readers scanning the post text.

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  1. Nice to see you using Odiogo 🙂 Good Luck!

  2. favorited this one, bro

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