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David Copperfield (the most far-famed illusionist ever born),always made me dismayed of his daily illusionary acts which appeals me most,the act that he usually perform over his casual shows are awing and awe-inspiring.The most remarkable one that i had ever seen was the “Saw-toothed ” video of the him. I was in search for the collection of some his most beautiful video performances ,that he had ever made. First of all thanks to the youtube for providing such collection, not in the case of this post but for all the post, where i found the need to adhere the video in support.

Here the video i am adding with my post covers the “saw toothed dead show” of David. Hope by watching this show, you will come to know of his dexterity and furtiveness in his performances.

A bit simple one….

Floating rose Show :-

Might be for some of the readers would discern watching these videos ,still i like the presentation of the legend.

More Videos (for furthur interested readers)

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