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Monthly Archives: August 2007

If you have mulitple Gmail accounts then you know the trouble of login and logout. Therefore I searched the internet to find is there any trick or an extension which allow to run multiple Gmail account at same time. Here is list of some extensions which enables you to run multiple Gmail account at same time.


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Hey most of the janta might be fed up the old traditional view of the orkut . yes the azure colored orkut is going to change soon. But dont be agog, its not exactly the “complete replacement” of the theme of orkut ,but some of the little emendation will be made soon which would be reflected in every corner, to know more of such first have a look over this picture.Click on the picture to view clearly













This time its not the 1st of April, Which means Google come up with its new joke, But its the true here now. Google really has launched a service called Sky that lets you explore the heavens from within Google Earth. You get a 3D view of all the constellations viewable from earth, and you can explore them in 3D. 100 million stars and 200 million galaxies are included.

Amazingly, the imagery is stitched together from more than 1 million images, with contributions from the Hubble Space Telescope. That shouldn’t be surprising, since Google and NASA have already worked together on images that show the earth from space.

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Most of visitors ,might be freak about the worlds most famous game developed by konami .Anyways before talking about the Contra lets us share some more information about the contra and history behind that.

While originally arcade games, the series gained its immense popularity base from its console releases, especially the titles created for the Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System and Super NES video game consoles.

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