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Finally I decided to add my Search to help this Blog .First of all thanks to google of providing the power search for the above search Engine.I was working for the last 3 months to grab the best sort of the sites so as to add with this seach engine in order to get the best result with the least input.

Before mentioning the features of this Customized Search Engine . I want to thanks to all the Google Co-op Team for providing such a nice features which made the Search Engine simple and easier to understand .Some of the feature i want to elobarate here with this search engine are as follows .

Firstly it has been clearly mentioned that the above Search Engine is in the Beta Phase till 8th December.So there may be some problem regarding the proper search of any of the query.Secondly to overcome the problem relating to the gimmicks to be used by the technical visitor, i had added the Google Search which non dubiously provide the impeccable perfomance.Thirdly the Logo of the above is under construction withing some days new logo would be added here.

Lastly i wanna add that please do post the feedback of the above under the comment section in this heading.

Visions of Life Search Engine

One Comment

  1. hat’s off to u dear….!!!!

    its really amazing….i mean….its unbelievable how fast u r adding up new things in your blog and spicing it up !!!

    Too good post…..i tried the same !!!!

    Keep posting dear….u rock !!!!

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