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Microsoft announced that if everything goes according to plan (like that ever happens in the world of software) then Windows 7 will be available sometime in 2010. That gives Microsoft more than three years to round up all of their new features, plan them out, develop them, and test them. I would be thoroughly impressed if Microsoft can get another version of Windows out by 2010.

The fact that Microsoft even announced the general timeframe is nothing short of shocking though, especially with how secretive they have been regarding Vista SP1. The announcement of the Windows 7 release date came at the MGX 2008 conference, where Bill Gates gave his last MGX keynote.

The good news is that Windows 7 will ship in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, so the upgrade to 64-bit compatible processors isn’t needed quite yet. There was no mention whether there would be another 25 different editions of Windows, but I’m sure that is something we can count on. After all, it wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t have to look at a huge table to figure out which version of Windows is right for you. )


Well it sound nice and exiting too . To have the knew OS from Microsoft.. Still amazed what would be the next.Lets start suggesting the name of the new OS.If you will be given the name of the new OS.

Start Adding you name.


PS:- Cybernate


  1. Another piece of shit from microsoft . . yipeeeeeeeeeeeee new targt for virus writers 😀

  2. i need details of windowsse7en

  3. Well, i do know they do lack the brains on producing something good, but theres something within the trash that is quite interesting, is that the Kernel will be put on a diet, shrinked, to have a better speed than Vista, but MS is trying to keep it a secret, because they want everyone to settle up with vista instead of having users to wake them wait for the next version. Is mostly a push and hit things, anyways, we will see, maybe is just another glutton OS system.


  5. Microsoft is shit! It’s way to expensive and hard to understand. That’s one reason why they gave up on Vista so friggin’ fast. They suck ass!

  6. will it will work on apple compatable . because i m havaing the laptop of apple and after knowing about this operating system i am intrested to buy and using it . but the peoblem is that wheathe it wil work on the laptop of apple or on IBM compatable. send me youre answer soon i will be wating for youre answer .
    thank U

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