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Many of the Dishant listener search or ask for any of the method to download muzik from which only supports streaming of songs.Nevertheless, i managed to get one method to download the songs from Dishant itself.Thanks to Taste the Bite of Byte for sharing good info.

So here are the steps for you to download.

Navigate to the window and select Tools->Page info->Media info.Move down until you find type as embed select and click Save As.


Open the downloaded file using notepad and copy from rtsp to .rm (thats the link to that file)

05d.jpg 06d.jpg

Paste the link in a download manager which supports rtsp like Flash get and start downloading.

PS: Taste the Bite of Byte


  1. Quite a good post and usable too…!!

    Goood research work….caary on and keep posting !

  2. Thanks

  3. hindi song

  4. How Do We Do This With Vista !!!!!

  5. thanks a lot…………….

  6. Fantastic. Thanks a lot.

  7. Godspeed

  8. Hey…..thanks for sharing the article……

  9. Thank you this is wonderful for all dishant listeners I love that site but I also want to be a bit more portable and listen on my ipod and in my car. This allows me to —

  10. thanks for this verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood site

  11. thanks a lot for entained us.

  12. songs & video

  13. it is not an easy process pls advice some user friendly method.

  14. thanking you

  15. Well done, keep it up !


  17. It is good site. How can we download the PCD’s from my profile

  18. In the tools menu of the browser i’m not getting the page info, can anyone help?

  19. this is the bert site

  20. dishant

  21. please help me in download

  22. i cant undestand please

  23. not working dude 😦

  24. not working dude,

  25. how to download ddishant songs

  26. It’s Nice .. I luv to download form

    so who is dis blog owneer??

  27. the song is from film man pasand 1980 (kismat ke jab mein).when i click on tool/media/there is only two file which is not in your list….waste…..

  28. it’s not good that much……………… I can’t get through it…….
    please tell any other methord

  29. i can’t get through it
    tell any other mathord

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