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With the prediction made over the Google phone so called the G-phone. The google had shown its inclination towards the G-phone  thereby launching the latest Google open source SDK and Operation System name Google Android for Google mobile devices. Last night i had downloaded the Android and start working on the same technology there features mention in it are really intersting one .Futhur more Android related information could easily be fatched with the Google code base search tool. I had uploaded the download link of the android sdk. Just click on the gif below

WELL-KNOWN TALENT.  In May, Google acquired Dodgeball, a mobile social-networking service. Using a wireless device, users can send a text message to their circle of friends, announcing that they will be at a certain coffee shop or hangout. In addition, users can be notified if friends-of-friends are within a certain vicinity. Google has not disclosed how it will incorporate the Dodgeball offering into its services.

Google bought Android in July for an undisclosed sum. The upstart adds to Google’s collection of talent and technology that it hopes to apply to this critical segment. “Wireless is the next frontier in search,” says Scott Ellison, analyst at research outfit IDC.

Rubin isn’t the only well-known Silicon Valley veteran joining Google via Android. Others coming over include Andy McFadden, who worked with Rubin at WebTV before helping develop the all-in-one set-top box for Moxi Digital; Richard Miner, former vice-president of technology and innovation at telecom outfit Orange before joining Android; and Chris White, who spearheaded the design and interface for WebTV in the late 1990s, before helping to found Android.

PS :- Installation Guide

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  1. Gphone’s name is already used so it should be Google something…

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