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GrandCentral Ahh !! Amazing Concept again this  internet gaint had bought up with name as  Google GrandCentral. When i had read about the  G2-Central (Google GrandCentral) i was bit amazed and was waiting for this innovative service to be launched in my country. The concept given in G2 Central given by Google was peerless. Later , i read about some of the service of the GrandCentral which  works on the concept of One Mobile Number, One Inbox , One Message Box, One VoiceMail Box.The GrandCentral was internet service that uses

VoIP to link customers’ phone numbers together. Currently the service is in private beta and is accessible by invitation only; invitations can be obtained from existing members (though requests from the website’s “reserve” request are frequently responded to with an invitation from the beta team within 24 hrs). With an invitation, a new user can create an account on the service’s website and choose a central phone number. During the private beta the service is free; before the Google  acquisition there were plans to launch a $15 a month premium service.

Whenever the customer’s GrandCentral number is called, the chosen phone or phones ring, allowing the customer to answer her chosen phone. The phones can be chosen based on time of day; for example, the home phone can be turned off during business hours, and based on groups (Family, Friends, Work, Web Button, Others) or personalized based on an address book.GrandCentral is similar in concept to AT&T TrueConnect 500.

PS: GoogleGrandCentral , Wiki.

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