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It has been pleasure for me to blog among the community of such a great pool of visitors. Today, with the blog stats crossing hits over .1 million or 1 Lakh. I feel confident and glad that my blogging was appreciated and proved worthy of interest round the globe . On such moment , i want to share some of snaps and history of stats , creditworthy for the above attainment.

Here are the snapshots of blog stats representing number of hits on daily basis.

Snap 1: Representing daily hits from the month of August-November.


Snapshot 2 :- Average Hits per month from December till February.


Talking further, let have a glimpse over the various top post that received maximum hits.



Visions of Life Customized Google Supported Search Engine (Stats).


Some of the other achievement of the blog are as follows.

  • Post on Google 3Dsketchup Competition was added as Hyper-link Reference in Google official blog.
  • Was listed 15 times in last 4 months in WordPress Fastest Growing blog thereby securing consistent ranking in top 20 blogs of more than 10 million blogs.
  • 7 different posts were listed in Top 5 post of consistently for one month.
  • More than 2000 positive apprising comments received yet.
  • Was listed 12 times in Technorati Popular Blogs , ranking in top .01% of 50 million blogs.
  • Listed in Hit list of
  • Listed in BlogPulse year Review 2006 in top 100 blog of year.
  • Post on Ram Setu was declared as Hot Post by BlogLines and received 550 average unmoderated comments per day.
  • More than 12 thousand Spam Comments cought yet with help of Akismat.

I greatfully, thanks to all the visitors for giving support to my blogging part and make this achievements possible. I wish to have such healthy support in further prospective posts.

God Bless you all

Harshit (Vision of Life)


  1. What to say buddy…….the STATS says it all !!!!

    Keep it up !!!

  2. Great man, Awesome achievement made so far. Wish you good luck .

  3. i love this blog .. worth reading.

  4. U Rocked everywhere man . May god give u great heights.

  5. Awesome Blog , One of the most frequently feeded and visited web blog of my community. I love the posting made by haryiips. I really fantastic to be associated with legends like you .

    Going great guns man.

  6. Hi Harshit,

    This is Laso from WordPress. I wanna congratulate you for helping and making blogging world such a nice place. I appriciate deeply this great piece of work. Thanks for lovely feedback you had given in support of wordpress . I would like you to work with this zeal and passion. Your blogging language interst me much . Hope to see you more with eye catching stuffs.

    Holy piece of work

  7. Here so history!

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