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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Wondering why I mis-quoted this statement ? It’s worth wondering, if you don’t know that you can be cause of helping 10^100 entities. So lets put our ideas, for a change you always wanted to have around you. If you still have a doubt that who is going to implement it and what about finence. Ahh, your anxiety may end here.

Project 10^10 will let you to implement ideas. More about it , this video will speak.

So lets see how your idea works..

Do you remeber what Obama quoted in his last speech. Do you remember what G.W Bush said about india couple of week ago. If yes, no doubt you are genius. But what if you do not, ahh the answer is you are a humen being.

But dont worry you can be genious too. Its a mere game of awareness, just select you subject and look around quotes given by subject. Here, you may be wondering what’s new am i going to introduce. So, lets not  waste our percisous time in searching for quotes and sayings of celebrities, personalities(bla bla). Let google do it for us.

Click and taste flavor of Google Quotes and share your expirience

I am looking for more flavors from google…

Google Audio Indexing

In Google Labs, now you can find direct link to Google Audio Indexing where google allows you to search inside the youtube video and its contents. For example, if any video is about speech of minister, mentioning about currency of india and stock exchange. User can search the content of speech just by placing a query. In genral, let’s say if user search for word “stock exchange “.  The video will automatically be played from the point where this word is “Stock” is uttered.


Amazing it sounds , but i dont find it much effective at the intial level. I believe that any normal user do not search for the content of video in genral (As per what i had seen) specially on youtube. Neways Google might have thought a lot before the launch of this project.


Try Google Indexing here