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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Mozilla labs and Adaptive path are gearing up to come with brilliant idea.  The defination of browsing over net will be going to get redefined. The new concept intiated at Mozialla labs for the upcoming browser (Aurora) will definitely be going to leave  you agape. Just look , at the features of the upcoming concept browser. The  video is officialy released  at  by adaptivepath. 

Part-1 : Demo of working browser (concept)


Part -2  (Official news behind Aurora)


Google Chromium – Sleekest and smoothest and fastest browser ever came across.  The day I used chorme , I fell in love with that. Though, by the time my stance towards chrome had changed and i tried to analyse this browser more keenly. I started reading more about Google Chromium Project and finally decided to contribute my bit towards development of Chrome. I would like to share my ideas and views  towards this project. I believe that, with the launch of Chrome , Google was critized much. A big question mark comes in mind, why google came up with  browser?  but amazingly  some googlers here had effectively explained what make them to come with up with project chrome. I completely agree with the fact that Firefox (in short FF) is still a global leader. But on the other hand, i can’t deny from the fact that the speed and creative work going beyond the development of chorme would not longer leave FF to be the king of browser.

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