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Google Chromium – Sleekest and smoothest and fastest browser ever came across.  The day I used chorme , I fell in love with that. Though, by the time my stance towards chrome had changed and i tried to analyse this browser more keenly. I started reading more about Google Chromium Project and finally decided to contribute my bit towards development of Chrome. I would like to share my ideas and views  towards this project. I believe that, with the launch of Chrome , Google was critized much. A big question mark comes in mind, why google came up with  browser?  but amazingly  some googlers here had effectively explained what make them to come with up with project chrome. I completely agree with the fact that Firefox (in short FF) is still a global leader. But on the other hand, i can’t deny from the fact that the speed and creative work going beyond the development of chorme would not longer leave FF to be the king of browser.

 While attanding various webinars and discussion groups, i found some of the most creative ideas that can make chrome much effective then other. While reading blog post about chrome i found that some user  says, this project is big failure and some says its really nice to have new browser from google.

What you say about it. What you want from it . What you like and what you dislike. Here are some of points that i felt like sharing , mentioning my stance towards chrome.

Positive points : 

1. Fastest of all (Effectively fast for site having heavy J-script)

2. Sleekest of all. (Very easy to use  and broad space for webpage)

3. Saved even single pixel to make it least space comsuming (All extra buttons removed).

4. Multithreading – Every tab and windows is treated as seprate process (Less prone to crash).

5. Effective resotre (Best Crash Recovery).

6.  Lest Resource eating ( no relational  fuction of one tab with other).

7. Plugin’s embedded (All plug ins supported) ( Though some more needed – G-earth plugin).

8. Nice parallel searching in Navigation ( Google suggest).


Some negatives :- 

1.  Higly Unstable (Even  out of beta phase).

2.  Speed Dial (Do not work properly)

3. Browser get more  unstable with more usage and time.

4.  No book mark crash recovery.

5. Least customizable (No themes,  can’t add or remove any specific button).

6.  No addon’s  ( FF have edge at this point).

7. Sometimes not even compactible with Google products.

8. While selecting text of specific space (Chrome select all space , like pressing control+ A)


So lets know what you feel about chrome 



  1. i love the layout of chrome, and the address bar is great too for searching the web, bookmarks, history and also the tab setup is also great. i have put quite alot of time on this subject on my blog as well, i even went as far as downloading a theme that made Firefox lookalike chrome (and i actually still use it) and some other addons as well to mimmick all the best parts of chrome.

  2. hii’s gud to see u r posting something such a long time back…well i like firefox and i am used to browse on that….Since u quoted some gud points. so that i would be go thrugh it.
    Nice Post…!!!![:)][:)]

  3. nice! i’m gonna make my own journal

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