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Apple is back with full pace , power and speed to answer the top ranking browser in the world. A big threat to Firefox , Chrome and other rivals. To bring a difference with this edition, Safari-4 is supported  by  a flashy new Top Sites view, a completely redesigned Windows UI, and support for some impressive emerging Web standards. Without any forewarning Apple had released its beta version into the market.

Thereby not giving any time to rival to even think about there upcoming product. As soon as i read about this browser I tried my hand on it and I found that this browser works well with website using heavy javascript or one can say it is sometimes faster than chrome. Being supported by Nitro Engine , It is officially acclaimed 30 times faster than IE7 and 3 times faster than Firefox.

As per said by Steve Job in the last interview with the release of Windows-7 that Microsoft is lacking innovative ideas and it should put more efforts on developing innovative products rather than plagiarizing Apple. Here is sample manifesting the power of Apple and its “own” ideas.

PS: Mac Official Web Page

PS: Cnet.Uk

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