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Monthly Archives: April 2009

News leaked in market for official realase date for Window-7 RC-1 by  march 5th for registered user. But if you google for  Windows-7 RC-1 candidate release , you can notice that pirated copies of RC candidate are already available on many torrent search engines like Torrentpond, btjunkie and

At the first sight , I was bit reluctant to move on Win-7 from vista. But soon as I installed it, I was overwhelmed by stunning performance of Win-7 over vista. But now comes the RC package, so lets see whats new with RC. According to news from market, Microsoft promises improved speed and better UI than beta release. But the intersting point to note is that,

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Chrome is constantly trying to improve the user experience with  browser. Recently Chrome development team had announced the introduction of the 3D browsing experience and Google Chorme Blog. Where chrome 3D is no more an April Fool joke. But now the wonderful expiriments made behind development and future of chrome again left me stunned. Some the work which I wish to share with my readers are hosted at ChromeExperiments. Just logon to Chrome-Experiments and enjoy time with upcoming feature of the Web 3.0 and be the first to enjoy the upcoming web-technology.

PS: Google Chrome Blog
PS: GoogleChromeExperiments

After joining Opera Campus Crew, I am regularly feeding opera’s progress . In the era of, neck to neck compition of browsers every other browser is being developed with intension of providing the best possible service by giving impaccable stablity to machine  accompanied by unprecetended  web-rendering engine. With the joining of Google in saga of browsers, the other rival developers are spending there sleepless nightes in labs to upcome with better and faster browser than ever.

Opera has always made its distinctive image among the rival browsers..If we ponder upon their approach we can notice that eight years ago, they came with the idea of Mouse Gestures, later in 2005 the voice recognition and eventually first touchscreen concept with speed-dial which is  rather adopted by chrome, google toolbar, firefox and safari. Today Opera had came up with revolutionizing technology called face gesture which let you use browser with simply your eyes and face moment

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Ubiquity is an experiment project being done at Mozilla Labs where developers are trying to connect the common internet users through a language that will help to do common web based task in a  more easier way than ever.

Currently  Ubiquity is available as an add-on for firefox to download . After installing this add-on  anyone can access its features by pressing a short key (Space+alt). This add-on can let the user to share map, video, text, phone number , image directly thorough mail (default mail service). The video embedded here clearly explain the scope and prospects of Ubquity experiment.

PS : Mozilla Labs