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Monthly Archives: August 2009 those of you who is not acquainted about TED-Conference. I am sharing some interesting news and some discriptive knowledge in background about this tech-talks. At my new blog, I posted some stuff related to arrival of TED at India , hopefully at mysore. I definitely like to share my interesting articles related which i had posted  here on my new blog.

Dear Readers, I have been blogging in the wordpress domain for the last three years in a row. I would like you introduce to a new blogging domain (which hopefully needs no introduction i.e, Due to open source and easy customization, I believe that the blogger prove to be more efficient platform. Careful comparison finally made me to shift from WordPress to my new blog.

Please check out my new blog, Far as this blog status is concerned. A happy news is that, I’ll probably be continuing this blog too in parallel to my blogspot account. So no bad news for the feeders and readers of Tech  Spice.


Happy reading [:-)]