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Facebook, had gained huge popularity in western part of the world. Specially talking about North American and European countries. On the other hand, Orkut gained more hype being a Google Product . Even being highly popular, both orkut and facebook together are still finding hard to attract the MySpace user. Strangely, orkut is loved in Brazil followed by India the next. While Facebook is loved in America (North) and other European countries.

What make me feel are some factors which gave facebook instant popularity than orkut who is a gaint player in social networking domain for past 4 years.

1. Share button– the inbuilt share button given by facebook can be find easily on different blogs, website and some special social network gadgets like Add this.

2. Facebook Application : various application offered by facebook, keep the folks binded to the application. The application offers lots of entertaining features and interestingly the performance in applications like gaming and quizzes can be share with friends.

3.Developer Section– Developer section offer instant tool to customize widgets like “Become a fan”, “Share this” , “Follow up” etc , giving edge to social network

But Google on the other hand, is fighting back. Google had given challenging strategy to FB. Google had launched three services to reply back to facebook

1. Google friend connect : Social tools and application, can be embedded anywhere.

2. OpenSocial : Application development, sister service on footstep of FB.

3. New Orkut : Yes, Google had recently published a complete new design of orkut, (quite similar to facebook :-))

Although, users are as usual reluctant to change. Hence, taking time to shift to new interface of orkut. I believe, it takes some time for the people to accept the new interface of orkut but lets see how google convince user to shift to orkut.

Orkut with new design and application support + share button is gearing up for total answer to facebook.

Alexa had given official statistics about the popularity of the two gaint website : Look here for Facebook stats anhd here for orkut stats

Vote here you choice , FB or Orkut ?

Image Credit : TCD, orkut blog

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