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America is globally known for its famous haunting sites, among these sites, the state of Texas holds the crown. You may have heard lots of haunting stories , to experience in real come to San Antonio, Texas.

My roomies and other colleagues, on 31st  December decided to visit a well known site in San Antonio known as Cindy Sue Railroad Crossing. For your information, I currently live in San Marcos almost 50 mins away from city of San Antonio and 60 mins away from this hot point

You may be wondering, what is this railroad ghost. To make it clear, I’ll explain in brief.

In the year, 1940 around, a school bus full of children stucked in between the railroad, completely unaware about the rail coming on the track. About 40 children and few adults were reportedly killed in the accident. Since, then it is believed that Ghost of children lives on RailTrack.

Any car standing on one side of railtrack is pushed from the back, rolling it to other side with some unknown force. Interestingly , the car was kept in neutral and engine was turned off. My friend poured talcum powder on the back of his car. What he noticed was shocking, the hands of children and engine of car was turned off. They did it three times in a row, hovering from one side of rail track to other. We have the video, but he do not want to publish his personal content on blog, so I kept his privacy intact.

I suggest, anyone living in Texas, if someday wish to experience the paranormal, must go to Haunted Railroad crossing of San Antonio, Texas. Turn your engine off  about 200 feets away from railroad track, come outside, set the camera, pour talcum powder on back of the car. Now notice how car moves automatcially, with finger/hand print on the back.

Children spirits are believed to be holy spirits, intensionally helping others to move to safe corner. Look at the video embedded here, officially published explaining story behind Railroad ghost. If you dare enough, come and have a life time experience.

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  1. Very interesting article. It makes you wonder can millions of people all be wrong? Do ghosts exist?

  2. Yes it do. Go and self-experience it, if you can.

  3. Since you experienced it, so partially believing you…

    But yes, that was a unique outing to be considered for celebrating the New Year 🙂

  4. vvvvv.nice and horror..

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