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Ad-hoc tonight, I plugged in my hard-drive and while navigating to directories randomly I came across one picture, I learned that this picture was taken around five years back and finding that picture suddenly make me think about some of the people with whom I spent remarkable time of  my life.

The picture churned my abdomen to the core and invoked my quest to find more of photos. Investing fifteen minutes of time on search gradually turn futile and left me disappointed of fact that I had not much memory left with me and hence decided to close the window, but before I do that my cornea found a hidden folder titled

“Get busy living or Get busy Dying”

I pulled up the contents and learned that these were the songs which I collected long back and for no-reason to my knowledge I titled those collection as  “ Get busy living or Get busy dying

While playing the collection, I concluded that every song you listen in life carry a memory of time with it, soon as you listen the song back the memory associated with the event comes back to you and I was not an exception.  Having played songs,  neurons triggered and with the speck of time all my memories came back to me, leaving my eye -balls enlarged and petrified.

I recalled, that I used to listen these collections lying on top of my old apartment roof penthouse, while in the mid-night when the world around me find themselves in sound sleep and leaving me as lone star completely enjoying the  void black skyframe beautified by tunes and for no-reason endlessly gazing the sky frame of time hovered  over my world.

The silence of self-presence in time and floating on thin layer of  world and watching the city, sky and you in that moment was turned as priceless memory.

Not more that five minutes it took to go through five years of leap of time frame and I learned that how fast the everything changes and with this piece of thought I cherished the moment recalling the night I spent there and the night I am enjoying here. Moving my eye-lids up and down and scratching head-phone wire for no-reason I was completely consumed and absorbed in zone of life, every moment was a worth of feel all coming back to me from no-whereup and down.

Keeping these thought alive, I move forward and mounted the headphone and in no time my ear drums resonated on songs of  those days recalling the worthy moments of renaissance of my old of gold days.

Gazing at the white painted roof of my room while stretching my chair on its limit and locating myself back here in America (on the other part of world) drove me through tunnel and interestingly the travel was of prosperity and uniqueness.

The jazzy tunes generated ambiance of numbness sucking me back to the people I have now with me to the people I was with, all from nowhere popped up one by one

Subconsciously I acknowledged myself of the moments floating around me and reckoning the fast pace of life heading forward in a guided fashion or may be directionless , the liveliness enumerated the achievements I had and the losses I was awarded with.

In an awakened position, I understood the prestige of moment and paradigm consuming the  feel of an strange, nostalgic, convicted, vision-full personality which in other words could be quoted as an  gawky feeling of tumbling thoughts with silence engrossed.

All in all weekend was of difference and it was September-2011, and  may be some holy day I would be reading this same piece of writing and would be laughing at myself or of time. These all make me re-instate the monolithic saying of Morgan Freeman of Shawashank Redemption

Get busy living or Get busy Dying

My collection had more that 550 songs and hence sharing all doesn’t makes sense, so here are few of those which popped up at random and hence added below.

Furthermore, to many of the readers, may be some of these songs could kill you of boredom but to me, as of  now sitting here, I was rather intrigued with unknown reason to pen down the feel I had and that too after a leap of time.








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    • Posted September 4, 2011 at 7:10 am
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    Great stuff – the videos. And you write really well for 6.22 a.m.!

  1. Reading it, I went back to the times when we used to listen these songs… those were the best days of life..

  2. Thanks for words

  3. Insanely beautiful writing sense please add more we love your article you can be bhagat. I pictured while reading add me to fan club who are you harshit 😉

  4. Nice Post 🙂 🙂
    Its good that and happy about the past and are hopeful about the future and hope is a good thing (Shawshank again !!)

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