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Facebook, had gained huge popularity in western part of the world. Specially talking about North American and European countries. On the other hand, Orkut gained more hype being a Google Product . Even being highly popular, both orkut and facebook together are still finding hard to attract the MySpace user. Strangely, orkut is loved in Brazil followed by India the next. While Facebook is loved in America (North) and other European countries.

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Now , you need not have to call to theaters and wait for inquiry about movies. No need to cram newspapers searching movies in potpourri section. But now its the time to open your browser and fire your movie name with city and get the best possible information near your location.

Just go to Google Movies and type the name the film in the search box to get reviews, or just type “movies” to get your local movie listing. This incredibly useful feature was first introduced in US sometime back.

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Just came across a interesting site so i m sharing it with you you can watch live matches on ,they are providing live streaming webcast of some selective cricket matches read on..

For live webcasts of ongoing matches go to : streamcast link)

here’s how you will see the matches in a small screen(black) below.

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Many of the Dishant listener search or ask for any of the method to download muzik from which only supports streaming of songs.Nevertheless, i managed to get one method to download the songs from Dishant itself.Thanks to Taste the Bite of Byte for sharing good info.

So here are the steps for you to download.

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