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News leaked in market for official realase date for Window-7 RC-1 by  march 5th for registered user. But if you google for  Windows-7 RC-1 candidate release , you can notice that pirated copies of RC candidate are already available on many torrent search engines like Torrentpond, btjunkie and

At the first sight , I was bit reluctant to move on Win-7 from vista. But soon as I installed it, I was overwhelmed by stunning performance of Win-7 over vista. But now comes the RC package, so lets see whats new with RC. According to news from market, Microsoft promises improved speed and better UI than beta release. But the intersting point to note is that,

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Recently Microsoft had designed Ophone to compete with Apple’s iPhone, the oPhone is a fold out variable device with three different usable surfaces and a circular display.

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Microsoft announced that if everything goes according to plan (like that ever happens in the world of software) then Windows 7 will be available sometime in 2010. That gives Microsoft more than three years to round up all of their new features, plan them out, develop them, and test them. I would be thoroughly impressed if Microsoft can get another version of Windows out by 2010.

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