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Just know about the fun n the tools of the Orkut.

Facebook, had gained huge popularity in western part of the world. Specially talking about North American and European countries. On the other hand, Orkut gained more hype being a Google Product . Even being highly popular, both orkut and facebook together are still finding hard to attract the MySpace user. Strangely, orkut is loved in Brazil followed by India the next. While Facebook is loved in America (North) and other European countries.

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Hey most of the janta might be fed up the old traditional view of the orkut . yes the azure colored orkut is going to change soon. But dont be agog, its not exactly the “complete replacement” of the theme of orkut ,but some of the little emendation will be made soon which would be reflected in every corner, to know more of such first have a look over this picture.Click on the picture to view clearly










Now you can personalize scraps you send to your friends by using basic HTML code to add color, graphics, images, YouTube videos, Google Gadgets, and more.

If your scrap contains an embed, link, or image, you may need to fill in the word verification box after you click “post scrap.”

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Orkut Scrapbook Searcher

Orkut scrap book searcher is a firefox extension that adds a search box on your orkut page. With this search box you can search for any text, username or sentences in scrapbooks and in communities. User can also search for the data in the specified date range. Help box below the search box will help you in understanding all its features.Install this Firefox Addon/Extension from here
Or you can use this search box through greasemonkey plugin, the user script for the greasemonkey plugin can be installed from here .