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Sharing the personal daily ongoings …………

It has been pleasure for me to blog among the community of such a great pool of visitors. Today, with the blog stats crossing hits over .1 million or 1 Lakh. I feel confident and glad that my blogging was appreciated and proved worthy of interest round the globe . On such moment , i want to share some of snaps and history of stats , creditworthy for the above attainment.

Here are the snapshots of blog stats representing number of hits on daily basis.

Snap 1: Representing daily hits from the month of August-November.


Snapshot 2 :- Average Hits per month from December till February.


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Finally I decided to add my Search to help this Blog .First of all thanks to google of providing the power search for the above search Engine.I was working for the last 3 months to grab the best sort of the sites so as to add with this seach engine in order to get the best result with the least input.

Before mentioning the features of this Customized Search Engine . I want to thanks to all the Google Co-op Team for providing such a nice features which made the Search Engine simple and easier to understand .Some of the feature i want to elobarate here with this search engine are as follows .

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After a Long time i am writing some non technical post .. But its in genral i got some ideas to write thereby reading some article which i want to share with readers .Recently i had read one of the blog covering some of the critics and amnities of the employee status and Employeersatisfaction with the two gaint compnies named Google and Microsoft.Later on i came to know, that its a bit biased about the MS .I found it quite intersting ,to read the employeer view about the compnies who are associated to them.The post describes much about the employee status , its future prospectus and its satisfaction with the Google and Microsoft ,The whole of the passage being baised towards the MS, tell out that the naive or the expertise employee of the Google, gets endowed with lots of the perks but not the growth factor ,as per comparison to what one can grab in MS.Its also revels some of the most distingushed and aborginal feature of the google … for example, i want to quote here is ,the ambience genrated at Google i.e of the freshman at university or a collage going student type enviornment in the company offices, makes the company to associate the employeer more closely to it and make it more free to work on with, the above post recveals that ,still the spirit lacks among the employees..One of the working theme of the Google that make it different from the other was the “Man can be sincere and logical without Coat ” but now, its the question to what extend its worth saying.

Well to summerise at the last, i found that, The Truth behind the myths fact and figures and views of the gentry could not hundred percent precise, but i think it depends ,on how the person or what the person seeks in them…

I wanna end up with my last lines ” Things are not the way they are . Thing are the way We see them “..

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Soon we goona add one more title in the series of the movies of Harry Potter. Yes the 5th element of the harry potter is almost finally filmed into the reel world to real world. And soon the ordinary people like us will have the copy of it in our hands.

Before Commenting anything on the movie lets have a look over the movie Trailor.


EA Sports is Lauching the Harry Potter Game Series of the year 07.

EA is gearing up to release the latest installment of the Harry Potter franchise to coincide with the release of the new feature film. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will chronicle the events of the fifth book and movie in the series, taking gamers into a more immersive Hogwarts than ever before.


The whole of the Game is Designed under the Aegis of EA Sports .. Hmm Really the Worlds Leader in Gaming.

Know more about the Latest Release and the Last Book of the Harry Potter Series named as Harry Potter and The Deatbly Hollows