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Mozilla has released FireFox 3 Alpha 5 Gran Paradiso to download only for testing purposes only. FireFox 3 Alpha 5 Gran Paradisco will be the next major version of Firefox. Mozilla org clearly mentioned on the site that current users of Mozilla Firefox should not use FireFox 3 Alpha 5 Gran Paradiso.Firfox Gran Paradiso 1.9 Alpha 5 introduces several new features:

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Although there are tons of free online backup provider, people still try to exploit Gmail for storing something more than just emails, maybe reliability isn’t an issue with Gmail. There tools to which help them to do that, Gspace is one such tool which comes as a Firefox Extension and behaves like an online drive. You can upload files and retrieve them from any internet capable machine or just use Gmail as on big FTP host.

Once installed, you’ll notice a new option called Gspace under Tools, clicking on it opens a new tab with a neat FireFTP like interface. You can both upload or download files. Additionally, you can even upload files and share them with your friends.

I tried to send a test file to my own email address, it worked and the file arrived as an attachment, but the mail wasn’t properly formatted.

Install Gspace Extension for Firefox | Firefox Addon Page

[via: FirefoxFacts]

If you people like using keyboard shortcuts while surfing the web with your Firefox browser, this one might be extra useful.

Here are some useful shortcuts that apply ONLY to Mozilla Firefox:


      Ctrl + T:Open new tab
      Ctr +Tab, Ctrl+Page Down: Move to the next tab
      Ctrl+ Page Up: Move to the previous tab
      Ctr + -: Decrease text size
      Ctrl + +: Increase text size
      Ctrl + 0: Restore text back to normal size
      Ctrl + Down Arrow: Select next search engine in location bar
      Ctrl+ J: Open download manager window
      Ctrl + K:Search the Web using the current search engine and keyword
      Ctrl + n (where n is a number):Go to the nth open tab
      Ctrl + S: Save current page as file
      Ctrl + U: View page source
  • The full Firefox keyboard shortcut list can be found at


    The UN OLPCYou read right. First came the $100 One Laptop Per Child windup laptop project, now researchers in India believe they can make one even cheaper, try $10!

    Indian companies are running very fast towards technology and gadget future . Few days back Reliance launched new mobiles for just Rs 777 which is equal to $18.9 and now Indian Human Resources Ministry has planned to launch a laptop for just Rs 420 or just $ 10 . Human Resources department is working seriously on this project and if the target is achieved than every one will have his own laptop . Ministry has taken people from Indian IITs institutes , IISc science institutes and VIT vellore institute of technology .

    This is laptop is supposed to be embeded with the Linux operating system with the all free open source software collection so that user can get the best of the facility with much ease and lessend cost.