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Well if you are tired of the lessened speed of your internet then here is the better approach to increse the bandwidth.Actually the Xp reserves the bandwidth for Quality of Service(QOS) which works for downloading of the xp updates in parallel with the motion of the normal course internet.If we try to mangae the Qos then we can augment user bandwidth by 20%.

Just Follow the above process :- This is for broad band connections,

Make sure your logged on as actually “Administrator”.
Start->Run->type gpedit.msc
Expand the “Local Computer Policy” branch.
Expand the “Administrative Templates” branch.
Expand the “Network Branch”.
Highlight the “QoS Packet Scheduler” in left window.
In right window double-click the “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” setting.
On setting tab check the “Enabled” item.
Where it says “Bandwidth limit%” change it to read 0.

Effect is immediate on some systems, some need to re-boot. This is more of a “counter what XP does” thing. In other words, programs can request up to 20% of the bandwidth be reserved for them, even with QoS disabled This is for broad band connections


With the warm responce to my post on “Download Youtube Videos ” . Visiors were Corecing to write the revised post over the “Youtube Video Downloads “

So here i am posting the new sets of the hyperlinks to which provides the best of the accost to download the youtube videos .

Before providing the links . The better approach that we found while downloading the videos are by using the Firefox Addon and by using the GreaseMonkey Script.


Download the Firefox Addon :


Download the GreaseMonkey Script


Now here i am providing the links so as to download the above videos.

Some other online video playing webpages :

YouTube, Google Video, MetaCafe, IFILM and Dailymotion, plus (some still in working) Angry Alien, ArtistDirect, Blastro, Blennus,, Bofunk, Bolt,, Castpost, DevilDucky, FindVideos, Free Video Blog, Grinvi, Grouper, LuluTV,,,, MySpace Video Code, PcPlanets, Pixparty, Putfile, REVVER, Sharkle, StreetFire, That Video Site, The One Network, VideoCodes4U, VideoCodesWorld, VideoCodeZone, vidiLife,, Vimeo, vSocial, and ZippyVideos.

Keep Visiting.

Neways while mugging over the internet , i got a gimmick which hopefully work out only in the firefox . So lets check out what is that one .Well as per we have been given with the feature that in firefox one can add the New Tab . Then what if u want to open the firefox browser inside the firefox .


To do this just do directed only copy and paste the above in the Address Bar


Enjoy More surfing in one shot.

Harshit Pandey.


Our Bookmark contain valuable url in it. So better to have the backup them .Usually it happened with many of the time with me and might be with the other of the internet users too. that unwillingly they would have lost there Bookmarks.

So here are the steps to backup the bookmarks.

Basically there are two ways for taking the Backup.

1.Export the Firefox bookmarks from the Bookmarks Manager

1. In Firefox, click on Bookmarks>>Organize Bookmarks.

2. The “Bookmarks Manager” will open up.

3. Click on File>> Export, provide a meaningful name and save the file.

2.Export the Firefox bookmarks from the File System

1. The Firefox bookmarks location is : C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\PROFILENAME\bookmarks.html

2. Copy the bookmarks file.

3. Paste that file to your backup directory of choice

How to restore your bookmarks?

1. In Firefox, click on Bookmarks>>Organize Bookmarks.

2. The “Bookmarks Manager” will open up.

3. Click on File >> Import, and select your bookmark export file.

Congrates!! your are done.