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Some of the tips n tricks collection to beguile the various Server…

Many of the Dishant listener search or ask for any of the method to download muzik from which only supports streaming of songs.Nevertheless, i managed to get one method to download the songs from Dishant itself.Thanks to Taste the Bite of Byte for sharing good info.

So here are the steps for you to download.

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Its always nice to some sort of the eccentric acts.Neways here is the basic trick for you ,which allow you to play the video file in the Ms Paint.Remember its not the substitue of the video player but for the sake of the fun , just try out this gimmick and share with you knowns.

All you need to follow these lucid steps :-

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If you have mulitple Gmail accounts then you know the trouble of login and logout. Therefore I searched the internet to find is there any trick or an extension which allow to run multiple Gmail account at same time. Here is list of some extensions which enables you to run multiple Gmail account at same time.


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Finally I decided to add my Search to help this Blog .First of all thanks to google of providing the power search for the above search Engine.I was working for the last 3 months to grab the best sort of the sites so as to add with this seach engine in order to get the best result with the least input.

Before mentioning the features of this Customized Search Engine . I want to thanks to all the Google Co-op Team for providing such a nice features which made the Search Engine simple and easier to understand .Some of the feature i want to elobarate here with this search engine are as follows .

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