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Are you bored of looking same interface, skin of your favorite website (Facebook, Google, Orkut). Stylish can change it for you.  A beautiful piece of software for all those who are not so technically advanced or aware about  technicalities of CSS,HTML and JavaScript.  Stylish is not a software but it is an web add-on (software that run with your browser).Once you install this software over your favorite browser, you can get wonderful script (free of cost) to change the look and feel of any website. Not just interface but also many functions of website can be customized.

If your love Google Chrome, download stylish from here. If your Firefox admirer then download Firefox add on from here.

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News leaked in market for official realase date for Window-7 RC-1 by  march 5th for registered user. But if you google for  Windows-7 RC-1 candidate release , you can notice that pirated copies of RC candidate are already available on many torrent search engines like Torrentpond, btjunkie and

At the first sight , I was bit reluctant to move on Win-7 from vista. But soon as I installed it, I was overwhelmed by stunning performance of Win-7 over vista. But now comes the RC package, so lets see whats new with RC. According to news from market, Microsoft promises improved speed and better UI than beta release. But the intersting point to note is that,

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Chrome is constantly trying to improve the user experience with  browser. Recently Chrome development team had announced the introduction of the 3D browsing experience and Google Chorme Blog. Where chrome 3D is no more an April Fool joke. But now the wonderful expiriments made behind development and future of chrome again left me stunned. Some the work which I wish to share with my readers are hosted at ChromeExperiments. Just logon to Chrome-Experiments and enjoy time with upcoming feature of the Web 3.0 and be the first to enjoy the upcoming web-technology.

PS: Google Chrome Blog
PS: GoogleChromeExperiments